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This is the Rila Monastery, one of the several World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria.  Over a thousand years old, its breathtaking frescoes have been immaculately maintained.


Rebel, Joel Wade, Alex Alexiev, and I had such a wonderful time with our fellow TTPers here last June that we’re going there again at the end of September.

We discovered so many lucrative opportunities that we called this place The Bulgarian Escape Hatch.  As our economy is being destroyed by Zero, assisted by a wimp-out Congress, Bulgaria’s is booming.  It’s as business-friendly as Zero has made America business-impossible.  Its tax structure is among the lowest in the world.

Plus the people are as friendly as their country is beautiful and historic. You couldn’t ask for a more hospitable warm-hearted people – or ask for a better way to be shown hospitality, for Bulgarians really know how to make good wine and are more than happy to share a glass with you at every opportunity.

Speaking of opportunity… Bulgaria is so fertile it’s known as The Land Without Famine, and the agricultural opportunities are truly extraordinary.  That’s what we’ll be focusing on – while taking time for adventure, exploration and fun.  Here’s the itinerary:

Saturday, September 24:

After a Friday overnight flight from the US to Europe (the best connection is Frankfurt), arrive in Sofia, transfer to the Sofia Radisson, afternoon walk around Sofia such as to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, dinner at Radisson with discussion of trip schedule.

Sunday, September 25:

Morning drive to Rila Monastery.  After lunch, drive to Plovdiv, Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited city, the ancient Phillippopolis.  Explore Ancient Plovdiv with its dramatic Roman ruins. Spend the night in Plovdiv and have dinner with the mayor.
Monday, September 26:

Today we head for the Black Sea.  We’ll visit a large grain farm near Plovdiv and a dairy farm near Stara Zagora enroute.  When we reach the beach resort of Sozopol, we’re in for a memorable experience.  We’ll take a short boat ride to the island of Sveti Ivan just offshore, where last year the bones of St. John the Baptist have been found.

Sozopol is known as "the St. Tropez of the Black Sea," as so many movie stars frequent it.  We’ll stay right on the beach in the ancient Old Town and have dinner at a seaside restaurant.

Tuesday, September 27:

Morning drive along the Black Sea coast to Varna, visiting large commercial fruit orchards and real estate opportunities enroute.  We’ll spend the afternoon and evening luxuriating at the Sunny Day Resort and Spa.


Wednesday, September 28:

Morning drive to Dobrich, center of the best Bulgarian grain growing region, visiting wheat farms and meeting local farmers and entrepreneurs.


In the afternoon, we continue on to Veliko Tarnovo, medieval capital of Bulgaria.

We’ll visit a modern brewery that makes really good beer, then visit Tsarevetz, the ancient fortress of Bulgarian kings.
Thursday, September 29:

After a visit to the picturesque mountain town of Triavna and a sheep farm, we’ll drive over the famous Shipka Pass to marvel at the Shipka Cathedral,


then enter the legendary Valley of the Roses to visit one of Bulgaria’s renowned a rose oil factories. We’ll traverse the valley all the way back to Sofia, with lunch at the perfectly preserved traditional village of Koprivshtitsa.  Dinner at the Radisson.

Friday, September 30

We have meetings with government officials in the morning, then have time for seeing Sofia in the afternoon. Our farewell dinner will be at the sumptuous Crystal Palace restaurant with Sofia business leaders.

Saturday, October 1

Departure. Early morning flights via  Frankfurt, Munich, or Paris arrive stateside the same day. Most other European connections leave Sofia in the mid-afternoon and require spending the night in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Zurich etc.

The Bulgarian Escape Hatch is open only to TTPers.  The cost – all-inclusive: meals, accommodations, transport, everything in the itinerary – is $2,850.  That doesn’t include international airfares to get to Sofia, of course, and personal incidentals like laundry and booze, but just about everything else.

Alex Alexiev’s political and business connections in Bulgaria are unmatched.  Eastern Europe is rapidly emerging as one of the world’s great investment opportunities, and Bulgaria in particular with it’s tax structure one of lowest in the world (10% income tax, 10% corporate tax, full repatriation of profits, etc.).  And you’ll be traveling with your fellow TTPers!

If you can join us, please let Miko know via or 703-992-4529.  I hope to see you in Sofia!