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I was tempted to drop of the "-ets" but this is a family-friendly website.  Two friends of mine specialize in helping people do this, Joel Nagel, whose Caye Bank in Belize focuses on private offshore accounts, and Mike Cobb, whose ECI Development creates escape havens in Central America.

Joel and Mike just told me they are holding a Seminar on Offshore Asset Protection Strategies in Gaithersburg, Maryland this Friday, December 20.  It’s 12 Noon to 2.  It’s only 20 bucks to attend.

They’ll be discussing the latest on FATCA Fascism, offshore banking, the key questions to ask regarding buying property overseas, their Top Ten asset protection strategies, and can answer whatever questions you may have.

If you live anywhere near the DC area, I suggest you strongly consider being there.  To do so, give Valerie Espinoza a call at 786-738-6038 or 800-959-6422 – email her at  Again, it’s 20 bucks and that includes lunch. Gaithersburg, Maryland, this Friday the 20th.  Could be the most valuable lunch you’ve had in a very long time.