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Here is where it started – last April 16 with 100,000 Ukrainians at the NSC Olimpiyskiy stadium in Kiev happily, gloriously, chanting over and over POO-TEEN WEE-LOW

It was a soccer match between two bitter rivals, Dynamo Kiev and Shakhtar Donetsk.  What’s more, the fans of the former are ethnic Ukrainians while those of the latter ethnic Russians, as Donetsk is the regional capital of predominantly Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine. 

Yet, after Putin’s military seizure of Crimea a month earlier (March), here they all are unified by their desire for their country to be free, shouting their mutual contempt of the man who would destroy it.

Putin Huilo! has now become the global hit song of the year, sung by people all over the world.  By families in their homes:


By couples dancing at their wedding:


By Belgian fans at the World Cup in Brazil, watching their team beat Russia 1-0 (on 6/22):

The Mariachi version has become popular in Mexico:

While worldwide, the most watched is the funniest (note the inclusion of Moochelle and the Muppets):


I particularly like this version sung by two fellows in Tbilisi, Georgia:


So what is the world singing about Putin?  What does "Putin Huilo" – (the same word in Ukrainian and Russian, хуйло́ is also transliterated as "khuilo," "khylo," or "hylo," and is pronounced wee-low) mean?

Yep, you guessed it – the world is laughing at Putin and calling him a "dickhead," a schmuck, a putz, a jerk, an anus.

It is right now the coolest thing happening on earth.  And in outer space.

Via the "Adopt A Star" of the Pale Blue Dot Project to help fund astronomy research, Ukrainian astronomers adopted star KIC 9696936 between Lyra (the Harp) and Cygnus (the Swan) constellations, and renamed it Putin Huilo. 


Last week, Pale Blue Dot announced it had no plans to rescind the name.

What makes this so cool is that Putin is currently being humiliated in Ukraine.  He thought he was winning by sending in Spetsnaz spec-ops teams in unmarked or civilian garb with lots of weapons to support or pretend they were pro-Russian Ukrainian "separatists" in eastern Ukraine right across the border from Russia.

Then as they were seizing the region bite by bite, town by town, he thought he had talked Ukraine’s new president Petro Poroshenko into a ceasefire that would consolidate the "separatists" gains.  The next step would be further encroachment until all of eastern Ukraine was de facto absorbed back into Mother Russia.

But after Poroshenko saw the "cease-fire" was all one-way, with Putin continuing to sneak in arms across the border, last week on July 1st, he declared it was over and ordered his troops on the attack. 

They swiftly took the important town of Slovyansk along with many others, the "separatists" including the Spetsnaz teams fled back to their strongholds of Donetsk and Luhansk, blowing up the bridges into Donetsk on the way.

All the reports now say this caught Putin by surprise.  Poroshenko made a move on the chessboard that he doesn’t know how to handle. 

The Russian economy is sucking wind badly, with capital flight becoming a flood.  The cost of outright invasion by the Russian Army to back up the "separatists" and seize eastern Ukraine by force like Crimea would be prohibitive in a number of ways.

It would cost billions which Putin doesn’t have.  The economy would fall off a cliff as EU sanctions will simply lock it down.  And the odds of the Russian Army getting its butt kicked are high enough for Putin not to risk it.

Realize that Russia has a conscript army – and the conscripts are treated brutally.  There aren’t enough young Russians to conscript, so a majority of the drafted soldiers now are Moslems, who are despised by the Russian officers and soldiers, most of whom are drunks. 

So the Moslem soldiers are the only ones sober, but their desire to train and fight hard to the death for Mother Russia is, shall we say, minimal.  

If Putin orders an invasion to seize eastern Ukraine and it ends in debacle and defeat, he’s toast and he knows it.  He’s popular among Russians now because Russians gain a sense of self-worth by being the bullies of the world.  They have no concern whatever for the peoples and countries they colonized and tyrannized. 

All they want is for Mighty Russia to conquer and tyrannize them again so they can feel big and tough and strong by being part of it.

Thus if he loses retaking eastern Ukraine, Russians will feel humiliated and they’ll take it out on him, on Putin the Loser.

The problem is, he’s seen as a Loser already by millions around the world who are laughing at Putin Huilo.  He’s in a Catch-22 – for if he doesn’t invade eastern Ukraine, the Russian people will hate and despise him for not doing so, for not being the bully they want him to be, for failing to make the world – and especially those lowly less-than-human Ukrainians – terrified of him and them.

And that realization is what may make him decide to invade in all-out war in any regard.

This is going to get tricky.  So far, Petro Poroshenko has outplayed the Putinhuilo.  The game, however, is far from over.  Today (7/09), Poroshenko announced there will be no cease-fire until the rebels lay down their arms; that he won’t negotiate with them anyway and will do so with leaders of the mining unions instead; that he intends to lay siege to Donetsk until the rebels are defeated.

Let’s hope that’s mostly for public consumption.  When you have someone dangerous trapped, always provide a way for them to get out gracefully.  You want it to be to your advantage, of course, but avoid them acting in do-or-die desperation. 

Donetsk has a population of over 1 million.  Many of them – as you can see in the first video clip above – are for an intact Ukraine and are not on the Putinhuilo’s side.  If Poroshenko can handle Donetsk with patience and finesse, rather than a bludgeon, he may save his country, and save the world from trembling in fear whenever the Russian bear growls.

Recall that Petro Poroshenko is a self-made billionaire.  He’s no crony capitalist.  He made his money selling chocolate (Russians love his chocolate, by the way, as it’s far better than any made in Russia).  You can’t force people to buy chocolate, you can survive without it (although some would deny this…). 

To make his money, people had to buy his product voluntarily.  He’s a real, a Randian, capitalist.

What’s more, here he is, taking on the world’s biggest bully and turning him into a defeated laughingstock.  This is an interesting guy.  Because of him, his country and its economy is getting more interesting by the day.

So much so that I am contemplating taking a small group of TTPers to Ukraine in September to meet its political and business leaders, to assess the situation first hand and see for ourselves what opportunities there may be.

It’s not for sure, but let me or Miko know – – if you’re interested, and I’ll keep you informed as to how it’s shaping up.

Meanwhile, enjoy the transmogrification of the bare-chested horse-riding shark-killing toughest-sharpest-don’t screw-with-me-or-I’ll-eat-your-liver Czar Putin the Great into The Putinhuilo – la la la la la la la la!  For the most popular t-shirt in Ukraine today says:


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