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One of our planet’s most enjoyable voyages is sailing through Alaska’s Inside Passage on a luxury cruiseship.  Even better, however, would be converting it into an Insider Passage, where in addition to the stupendous scenery and sumptuous onboard living, you gain a financial insider’s knowledge on how to best protect your assets from government pickpockets.

This would be my friend Brian Jensen, CPA and president of Legacy Global Financial Group.  Brian is a featured speaker at The Platinum Vegas Rendezvous April 24-26 – and the extreme practical value of his advice on asset protection, advanced estate planning, and wealth transfer (passing your assets on to your family and loved ones) is a persuasive reason for you to be in Vegas with us.

Yet the Rendezvous lasts but a weekend.  An entire week with Brian would be vastly more valuable.  He’s the only guy I know who has an optimistic positive attitude towards taxes – that’s because he knows all the legal loopholes.  How much would it mean to you if you knew them too?

For example, we all have IRAs, but there’s several different kinds, each with their own quirks.  Knowing which one is best for your situation and why can make a massive difference in the financial outcome.  Or, there’s a little known market-linked CD that has an average return of 6% annual return while guaranteeing the principal – but since it provides very small broker commissions it’s rarely sold.

Brian teaches how to apply what he calls "tax efficiency" to your investments and assets in order to get a maximum ROI while legally minimizing your taxes.  It’s really amazing. 

I’ve not met his equal in having a deep understanding of corporate and personal finance, the truth behind the stock market, the good & bad among the welter of annuity and insurance products, and managing retirement income options.  He’s done over 10,000 tax returns!

Plus, he’s one of us – a TTPer, a patriot who loves America, a rock-solid Christian conservative devoted to his family, loves helping people, and one of the nicest, most decent fellows you’ll ever meet.

All of this is why I agreed to participate in and be a speaker at Brian’s Alaska Inside Passage Cruise and Conference on the Holland-America’s spectacular cruise ship Volendam.  

I’d like you to consider joining Brian and me – and Rebel, for she’ll be with me and is speaking as well.

The dates are June 24 to July 1, 2015, from Vancouver to Glacier Bay and Skagway, and back to Vancouver. 


That’s a full week of picking Brian’s brain – and picking mine, of hanging out with fellow TTPers and conservatives, of extraordinary peace and serenity amidst great natural beauty, of enjoying fabulous food and entertainment.  Plus with what you’ll learn, your pocketbook will be thanking you for many years.

The conference is intimate and small – only 30 people may attend.  To be one of them, or if you have any questions and get a brochure, call Brian’s office at 208-263-5154 or email I hope to see you in Vancouver.  And of course, I hope to see you at the Rendezvous as well!

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