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steve-king-tweetI lived in Hawaii once for three years.  Growing up in Southern California, I had never experienced racism before.  Thus it was shock to me to be hated for the color of my skin.  Really hated.

In Hawaii, people with my skin color are called haole (how-lee).  For some of different skin colors, it’s a benign or neutral term.  But for a great many others, it’s never used by itself, but rather always included in an expression of crude racist calumny: “dumb f*****g haole.”  The number of times I heard myself or others with my skin called this was innumerable.

It was the visceral depth of this hatred that was so alarming.  Once, at a University of Hawaii meeting between students and the Board of Regents, I spoke from the audience in support of a Board action.  Behind me, I heard this woman’s voice yell out, “Is that one f*****g haole!?!”  I turned around to see a young lady of mixed Asian-Hawaiian ancestry, her eyes blazing with vicious hatred.

I gave her a big cheery smile, and said, “It sure is!”  She launched into some incomprehensible rant, so I pointed at her and said loudly, “You’re a racist – you hate me for the color of my skin!”   She had to be restrained by her friends from attacking me.  The look in her eyes was one of actual murderous intent.  There was no doubt whatever that if she could she would have killed me at that moment.

That was in 1971.  Barack Obama was ten years old attending Punahou School in Honolulu, where he was born and raised.  Other than the 2½ years he spent in Indonesia, he lived his formative years (until he was 18 and left for college) within and a part of the Hawaiian culture of haole-hatred.

As did Derrick Kahala Watson – born in Honolulu, went to Kamehameha School for ethnic Hawaiians, graduated from Harvard Law School in the same class (1991) as his friend Barack Obama.  In 2012 he made local headlines: Native Hawaiian Selection Made for Federal Judge.

On Monday (3/14), Obama – who appointed his law school friend to that federal judgeship – was in Honolulu.  On Wednesday (3/15), that friend, Derrick Kahala, issued the most outrageously lawless, unconstitutional ruling in the history of the federal judiciary.  Did Obama ask Kahala to do this?  Ask the NSA guys who tape their calls.

In any regard, Kahala seized his opportunity to act on the haole-hatred he grew up with by targeting America’s Chief Haole with his ruling.  For as you’ve by now guessed, haole means someone with white skin.

Which brings us to Iowa Congressman Steve King and his now-infamous tweet (see above) on Saturday (3/11) that “prompted outrage” by libtards everywhere.  Just as an aside:  Is there any other emotion lefties feel besides outrage?

Congressman King had committed the Number One Unforgiveable Liberal Sin: that of defending Western Civilization.  For which he was immediately denounced by both Pelosi Galore and Paul Ryancare.

This is a teachable moment to learn the real truth about Racism in America today.  The #1 racial problem we have is obviously not white racism, racial bias towards blacks by whites, given whites’ continual triple-somersaulting backwards for blacks – epitomized by the election and reelection of Zero in 2008 and 2012.

And it’s not black racism either, racial bias or hatred of blacks (or in Hawaii, Asian/Hawaiians) towards whites – that’s #2.

No, the most widespread and deeply damaging form of racism in America today is the racial bias and hatred of whites towards themselves – what I call Auto-Racism.

Auto-Racism is the intractable racial problem in America.  It’s the main cause of our other major racial problem, as it continually eggs on, appeases, and encourages anti-white black racism.

Auto-Racism is the suicidal racism infecting all of Western Civilization, incapacitating Europeans from defending their priceless culture from an onslaught of Islamic invaders.

Now, what could possibly cause masochistic hatred of your own race and your own culture, embodied by white liberal American writer Susan Sontag declaring: “The white race is the cancer of human history”?[i]

It is the fear of being envied.  Marxists of the hard left, no different from ordinary thieves and Inner City looters, are motivated by envy. It is the same with Islamofascists, motivated by envious hatred of the achievements of the Christian West.  What motivates the soft left of liberals and Democrats is fear of their envious evil eyes.

Fear of the envy of others is one of mankind’s most deeply primal and pervasive terrors. Envy-avoidance is one of the most basic and primary motivators of human behavior.

It’s why village life in India and Egypt has not evolved much in thousands of years: the instant some villager tries to do better, so much envy is directed at him or her by other villagers that they quickly abandon the effort.

It’s the fear of being envied that makes people liberals in the first place.  Succumbing to the fear of being envied is, in fact, the defining characteristic of liberals – the necessary condition without which they wouldn’t be liberals in the first place.

They have a compulsion to apologize for the achievements, success, and prosperity of  Western Civilization, at the pinnacle of which is America.

This is why liberals consistently engage in masochistic behavior and drown in “white guilt.”  The more one fears being envied, the more one is driven to masochistic self-humiliation in attempts at envy appeasement.

So — what do we do about it?

We cannot eradicate envy nor the fear of it – we can only stand up to it and reject it.  Envy is like voodoo – its only power is the fear of it.  If you laugh at some witch doctor who’s sticking pins in a doll of you, his power vanishes.

That’s what needs to be done to the White Liberal Auto-Racist Media-Academic Establishment – and to all the race-baiting Black Grievance Mongers trying to intimidate you into fear of their envy.  Laugh and thank them for sharing.

For laughter does to libtards what water did to the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz.

Steve King didn’t laugh, but he did throw a different bucket of water on his critics:  He didn’t back down and he refused to apologize.  Monday (3/13), he explained to Tucker Carlson on Fox:

“I did not ‘misspeak,’ as Speaker Ryan suggested. I think he just misunderstands what I said. It was characterized by the left as having a race component to it, but you can look down through the words and the language, and there’s nothing in my statement that references race in any way, but I do reference culture and civilization, and that’s what we’ve got to restore–– Western Civilization for the world, Tucker.”

Western Civilization is committing suicide with the poison of auto-racism, the result of pathological envy-appeasement.   Congressman Steve King is one of the tiny few in Congress who both understands this and has the courage to express it.

President Trump was elected as an antidote to the poison.  That’s why, for our culture, country, and civilization to survive, he must succeed.  If we all commit ourselves to his success, he will – and so will we.

[i] The full quote, from Sontag’s 1967 article in Partisan Review:

If America is the culmination of Western white civilization, as everyone from the Left to the Right declares, then there must be something terribly wrong with Western white civilization. This is a painful truth; few of us want to go that far. … The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, Balanchine ballets, et al., don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone – its ideologies and inventions – which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself.