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President Trump addressing Congress Feb 28 2017

President Trump addressing Congress Feb 28 2017

“Mr. Speaker – the President of the United States!”  The instant Donald Trump entered the House Chamber with that announcement of House Sergeant-of-Arms Paul Irving last night (02/28), I knew something was different.

His bearing, his presence, made my head snap back.  He was fully and completely, in a way than ever before, presidential.  Before the election, after the election, at the Inaugural, since the Inaugural, he was always the Donald Trump we have known.

But from the very moment he stepped into the Chamber to thunderous applause, he was different.  OMG, it hit me as I’m sure it hit millions watching, he is the President!  Everyone on the Chamber floor knew it, for from that moment of entry on, he owned the room.

The Pubs were ecstatic, the Dems were immobilized in shock.  As he proceeded to deliver one of the most magnificent presidential addresses to Congress in history, receiving innumerable standing ovations, all the Dems could do was sit on their hands with deer-in-the-headlights expressions on their faces as it sunk in what was happening.  (Full text of the speech here, full video below.)

There were no disruptions, they sat there mute – with lady Dems in silly white dresses – not believing what they were witnessing:  that all their efforts at delegitimizing this man’s presidency were over.

Chris Wallace summed it up on Fox News:

“Tonight, Donald Trump became the President of the United States. That is yes, of course, he got it 35, 38, 40 days ago when he was sworn in, but so many Democrats did not recognize it. Whether they disagree or agree with him, he became the President of the United States and everybody is going to have to accept that fact.”

Newt Gingrich was right to be “blown away” by Trump’s “unifying” speech.  Unifying in that he will now split the Dems in two – those who will capitulate, cooperate, and not obstruct just to be obstructive jerks, and those bitter fools like Maxine Waters left impotently in the wilderness.

The look on Chuck U. Schumer’s face last night during the speech was priceless.  You could read the thought bubble over his head: “I am so screwed – what the hell do I do now?”

The look on Pelosi Galore’s face was sheer total befuddlement.  That’s the way she’s normally now as she slides into clinical senior dementia, true.  Last night, however, she was trying to process what she has done to her party by allowing a Marxist crazy, Tom Perez, to chair the DNC, and a Moslem Marxist crazy, Keith Ellison as deputy chair.

Ever since their world turned upside down on November 8, the Dems have been flat-out delusional.  They proxied Jill Stein to challenge the vote, put horrendous pressure on electors to change their EC vote, made frantic demands to “impeach” on Fake News with fake scandals, on and on.

This was all megaphoned by the Fake News Media and by lefty celebs like Ashley Judd going Full Bozo saying getting “politically raped” by Trump being President was worse than her getting actually physically raped as a child.

Thus what happened last night was far more than Trump’s best speech or one of the best presidential speeches of all time.  What happened is that the balloon holding all the hot air of Democrat Delusional Hysteria has been pricked.

There’s probably no hope for nutcases like Ashley Judd, criminally insane racists like Only Black Lives Matter, or psychologically self-damaged college snowflakes and crybullies.  So what?  They no longer matter.

Because for adults among the Dems, they know they must abandon the delusions and recognize reality.  Donald Trump really is the POTUS, the Pubs really control the House and the Senate, the Pubs control well over a majority of state governments, and the elections of 2018 are going to drive them far deeper into the hole they’re already in.

Further, last night cemented the realization of Congressional Pubs that the path to continued power is to cooperate with President Trump and not get his way or get him mad at them.

Put all this together, and you can see why last night was historic.  The Left will still put up resistance wherever they can, but it’s a losing battle.  The Democrats see Doom staring them in the face.  Good luck to Tom Perez and Ellison, to Chuck and Nancy, to the New York Times, to the Traitorous Deep State

Last night we witnessed that the past since November 8 was prologue, that the Trump Presidency actually began full bore with those words of Paul Irving:  “Mr. Speaker – the President of the United States!”

The path is now clear.  Trump stands triumphant.  All he needs to do now is walk down his path – and for us to walk with him having his back.


Here is the full video, starting with the First Lady entering the gallery to huge standing applause, the entrance of the Cabinet, then at 7:01, Mr. Irving’s announcement.