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trump-pointingLate Monday afternoon (4/24), 60 or so conservative journalists and editors gathered in the Roosevelt Room of the White House for their own private press conference with President Trump.  I was not there as I was, and still am, in Eastern Europe.

Another fellow who was not there was a writer for The Hill, Jonathan Easley.  He interviewed a number of the attendees, many of whom whined and complained to Easley like spoiled brats.  So he reported (4/25):  Conservative Media Figures Disappointed with Trump Meeting.

Reading it makes you quickly lose respect for the spoiled brat complainers.  You can bet they won’t get another invite.

One fellow who was there and not one of the complainers is Scott Johnson of Powerline.  Not only is Scott a solid clear-thinking liberty advocate, he’s also a true gentleman.  His account of the meeting (4/25):  At the White House with Trump.

Scott’s is well worth reading.  His conclusion at the meeting’s end:  Trump gave “an impressive performance” in both substance and demeanor.  He answered questions calmly and graciously, with “fluency and facility.”

What was not impressive was the lack of good questions from the President’s audience.  Here was a golden opportunity, and with exceptions like Roger Kimball’s on Iran and others, the questioners blew it.  Fully half, reported Scott, of the 30 minutes given them, was devoted to in-the-weeds questions on trade.

So here are a half-dozen Questions Never Asked but should have been.  Like you, I sure would like to know the answers.

*Mr. President, Justice Gorsuch was confirmed only because the filibuster was eliminated for SCOTUS nominations.  The reality is that your legislative agenda will never pass the Senate as long as the Democrats can veto it with a filibuster.  Will you demand that McConnell eliminate the filibuster entirely?

*Mr. President, despite the efforts of Secretary of State Tillerson, the State Department is still being run by Obama holdovers who are dedicated to sabotaging your foreign policy, and as Senator Mike Lee has stated, are devotees of George Soros.  May I ask, Sir, when will you see that they are fired so that you have a Trump State Department and not an Obama one?

*Mr. President, according to Congressional Research, between 1,200 and 1,400 presidential appointments to executive branch agencies now require Senate confirmation. Even the Washington Post is complaining that this leaves your Cabinet Secretaries stuck in “staffing limbo.” How can you possibly staff up your agencies replacing Obama holdovers with this process, and will you demand the number of Senate approvals to be drastically reduced?

*Mr. President, since your Inauguration on January 20, Planned Parenthood has performed over 81,000 abortions.  Will you make defunding of Planned Parenthood a non-negotiable demand to be included in the upcoming Continuing Resolution to fund the government?

*Mr. President, since Congress is balking at funding the Wall to block illegal immigration, will you support Senator Ted Cruz’s EL CHAPO Act as a viable alternative to get the Wall built?

*Mr. President, the Left is becoming increasingly more thuggish and physically violent in its protests against you, Republicans, and anyone with whom they disagree.  They call their protest movement “Antifa,” short for Anti-Fascist.  Since this is exactly like North Korea calling itself a Democratic Republic, would you consider publicly labeling Antifa protestors overtly fascist, behaving like Mussolini’s Blackshirts?

Bonus question:

*Mr. President, has Anna Wintour called you yet to schedule a Vogue cover story on Melania as the 21st Century Jackie Kennedy?

Yep, that’s what should have been asked – sure would have been a more interesting meeting had they been.  Hope they are at the next meeting – if there is one sans complainers.