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Justice Kennedy: “Ruth is 85 – do I tell her it’s time to retire?”

Justice Kennedy: “Ruth is 85 – do I tell her it’s time to retire?”

In 1987, I wrote an article for the Heritage Foundation entitled, “The Brittleness of the Soviet Empire.”

I argued that the structure of the Soviet Empire, including the Soviet Union itself, was brittle. When a physicist describes a physical substance as brittle, he has definite characteristics in mind.

A brittle structure may be very stable. Unbending and unchanging, it may be able to withstand a great deal of pressure and remain unaltered for a considerable time. But it is inflexible; stresses cannot be redistributed except by causing the flaws to grow until a sudden, catastrophic failure occurs shattering the material and breaking it apart.

A brittle structure does not change slowly and gradually. One moment it seems sturdy and unyielding; the next moment it is in pieces.

That’s exactly what happened to the Soviet Union.  That’s exactly what’s happening to the Left in America today.  As in today, June 28, 2018.  Mark the date.  Millions of Lefty Trump-Haters feel just like this guy as you are reading this:

The key word, the magic word, is “hopeless.”  That’s the word that defines victory – when all the anger and fight is gone from the enemy who wants to kill you, replaced by hopelessness and paralyzing depression, by their “spark going out.”

This morning, the New York Times Editorial Board feels precisely the same:

“Wednesday afternoon (6/27) brought the coup de grace (to the Hate America Radical Left agenda). Everyone knew it was coming sooner than later, but Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement is still crushing… With Justice Kennedy’s departure, the court is very likely to lock in an unmoderated, hard-right majority for the rest of most of our lives. It is a dark moment in the history of the court and the nation, and it’s about to get a lot darker.”

 The NYT snowflakes make a forlorn cry for a blue wave fantasy in November, too afraid to admit that Justice Kennedy just assured a red wave instead with a Trumper electorate on fire while demoralized Dems drag themselves to vote or just stay home.

Of course, McConnell – on a serious high right now as he’s the guy who single-handedly blocked Zero’s replacement, Merrick Garland, and then got the Senate to eliminate the filibuster for SCOTUS nominee votes enabling confirmation of Neil Gorsuch – could  ram through a vote on Trump’s nominee before November.  Or promise to do the same in the 115th Congress Lame Duck session afterwards.

One way or the other, POTUS smells DemLeftie blood in the water.  No way is he going to nominate some pro-abortion “moderate” like the NYT prays for.  He’ll campaign hard – just like he did in Fargo last night – for pro-life GOP senators to replace pro-death Dems.

Trump is baking a conservative red wave into the senate cake for the 116th Congress – for he and every Trumper knows that Ruth Bader Ginsburg will now give up – what’s the point of spending your last years at death’s door writing meaningless angry minority opinions?  Stephen Bryer, who turns 80 in August, may hang on for a while (although probably not until 2024), but Ginsburg at 85 and dying, no way.

So no wonder the entire Left – from the thugs of Antifa to the Enemedia to the Deep State to lefties everywhere – are in an abyss of despair.  This is what made them snap.  The Communist New York Daily News cover this morning made this clear, with typical leftie vulgarity:

Who’s we, Tonto?  You leftie America-haters are, but we Americans are doing great.

And by the way – you just figured this out now?  What took you so long?

Ever since November 8 2016, the Left has been in mouth-foaming denial and anger.  It’s been getting progressively worse until reaching treasonous derangement threatening murderous violence.  Today, Lefties broke through those first two stages of grief, skipped the third – bargaining – and dove straight into the fourth: depression.

That’s what we want.  A person in angry denial of reality is dangerous.  A person in depression no longer has the energy to fight.  Depression is giving up.  Then they’re no longer a threat.

That’s what happened to the Soviets – one moment they’re a world superpower with a globe-spanning colonial empire.  The next moment, they just… gave up.

Not in a literal moment of course – but to anyone who was there and lived through it, the Collapse of the Soviet Union happened in a blink of history’s eye.

History is blinking at us right now.  We make fun of “snowflake” college kids needing “safe spaces” from getting “triggered” by anything they disagree with.  We’re discovering now that all Lefties are snowflakes.

It’s just like all bullies are cowards.  All that anger and belligerence is a Potemkin façade of the Left, hiding how fragile and brittle they are.

Now for the caveat, the warning.

It’s that of Rocky Marciano – you never ever step back when you have your opponent on the ropes, you keep swinging until he’s on the canvas and stays there to the count of 10.

That means that the November 6 election can put the Left on the canvas for a generation.  We are win­ning, we have not yet won.  That will come when the Left reaches the final fifth stage of grief:  acceptance.

That day will come with a Red Wave November.  Now we must do all that we can to achieve it.  Meanwhile, savor this day, this moment of history.

Today we learned how fatally brittle, how fatally fragile the Left is – and the Left learned it about themselves. Now we drive the stake into the heart of the beast.

The Soviet Union is no more.  Soon the American Left will follow.



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