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Temptation Mount where Jesus was tempted by Satan (Matt 4:8)

Temptation Mount where Jesus was tempted by Satan (Matt 4:8)

True, the Holy Land of Israel – birthplace of the two founding religious traditions of Western Civilization, Judaism and Christianity – will be around for a long time to come.

But this is the Last Chance to visit the Hidden Holy Land with me this coming October.  This will be my sixth time there and the last.

We have a marvelous group of TTPers coming – and we have room for only one more couple.  This really is your last chance to make your life-long dream of experiencing the Holy Land come true – with me.

So please – click here on Wheeler Expeditions Holy Land October to get the full itinerary, details, and a lot of great pictures.  Let’s make your dream come true.  See you in Jerusalem!