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mueller-puzzlesLeftists who tuned in Wednesday (7/24) to watch their hero nail the evil Drumpf were as shocked and dismayed as Dorothy, Scarecrow and Tin Man were when they discovered the great and powerful Wizard of Oz was just a little old man behind a curtain.

Two burning questions emerge from the Dems’ dumpster fire that was Robert Mueller’s testimony to the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees.

Why did Democrats think this was a good idea?

Granted, they’re desperate. And granted, Judiciary Committee Dems are among the dimmest bulbs in their chandelier.

But Democrats negotiated with the former Special Counsel for weeks to arrange for his testimony. Didn’t any of them notice that Mueller’s capacities had, ah, diminished?

And Democrats ought to have known Mueller wouldn’t – couldn’t – deviate much from the conclusions of “his” report: that there is no evidence of collusion, no clear evidence of obstruction.

Didn’t they realize the downside risk to their narrative of having Mueller appear in public for so long – to be subjected to cross-examination from Republicans – far outweighed possible gains?

Which leads to the second question:

Why did Mueller agree to testify?

Mueller’s once sterling reputation is now badly tarnished.

Granted, people who suffer from dementia or who are growing senile tend not to know how much their faculties have declined.

But as we grow older, nearly all of us recognize when we’ve lost a step or two.

If Bob Mueller has any self-awareness left, he had to know he wasn’t all that familiar with what was in “his” report; to realize Republicans would ask him questions he wouldn’t want to answer, or couldn’t answer.

Mueller didn’t have to testify. Attorney General Bill Barr would have supported him if he didn’t want to. Democrats couldn’t compel him to testify, would have looked very bad if they’d issued a subpoena for him.

If he didn’t have to, would anyone with (some of) his wits about him risk the damage to his reputation Mueller has suffered? So why did he subject himself to what for him must have been an ordeal?

Don’t believe your lying eyes, said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after the hearings, giving her best Baghdad Bob impersonation.

But Nancy knows things are much worse for Democrats – and for the Lying Swine – now than before Mueller sat in the witness chair.

The MSM flogged the hearings so hard that had they just been a nothingburger, leftists who tuned in would have been disappointed.

They never imagined they’d witness such a catastrophe for their narrative.

Normals who tuned in to see what all the fuss was about watched Republicans demolish the credibility of Mueller and “his” report.

The Bob Mueller of legend – square jawed former Marine officer, combat veteran, former FBI director, registered Republican – was the ideal guy, from the leftist point of view, to spearhead an investigation of President Trump.

The Bob Mueller we saw Wednesday couldn’t have organized a shuffleboard tournament at the retirement home.

“A huge debt of gratitude is owed Reps. Nadler and Schiff,” said Mollie Hemingway. “Without it, the country may never have known Mueller wasn’t running the probe that bore his name and relied on his perceived credibility.”

Democrats and the Lying Swine will continue to assert, ever more stridently, that President Trump committed crimes (that they can’t identify), but Muellertime is over.

Watching Dems/NeverTrump/much of MSM deleverage from their massive investment in Mueller report following Mueller hearings is fascinating and also painful,” said Hugh Hewitt. “Like Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow, there are many casualties (to credibility, ratings, on-air energy).”

The long-anticipated report by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been delayed chiefly because once recalcitrant witnesses, spooked by the appointment of hard as nails prosecutor “Bull” Durham, have been coming forward to revise their statements.

But politically, it also was necessary for Muellertime to be completely over before President Trump’s counter attack could really begin.

Thanks to Wednesday’s hearings, Muellertime is absolutely for definite sure over.

Panic and stupidity are reasons enough to explain how Democrats got themselves into the pickle they’re in now. But maybe they got a push.

Why did Democrats think having Mueller testify was a good idea?

Mueller may not be in as bad shape as he appeared to be Wednesday. His hearing problems and memory lapses seemed to occur only when Republicans asked him questions.

This is a great way to run out the clock.  And you can be prosecuted for perjury, but not for a bad memory.

Dem staffers looked as puzzled as the rest of us at how befuddled Mueller seemed. If he’d been like that during negotiations, for all but the abysmally stupid, alarm bills should have gone off.

Was Mueller sharper, more on the ball during negotiations than at the witness table? Was some of Mueller’s befuddlement an act?

If Mueller is more on the ball than he seemed to be, why did he testify in a way sure to tarnish his reputation? Why testify at all?

Perhaps because it beats the alternative.

Mueller has said many things that make conservatives distrust him. But every big thing he’s done has helped President Trump.

*Mueller’s appointment as special counsel took Crossfire Hurricane, the investigation of the president, away from the very corrupt acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

*Mueller’s investigation distracted Democrats and the Lying Swine. While they were chasing the shiny object, the president got a lot done.

*Despite all the garbage in it, Mueller’s report cleared Trump of collusion, (sort of) cleared him of obstruction of justice.

*In his more lucid moments Wednesday, Mueller reiterated the conclusion of “his” report there was no collusion; said his investigation was never interfered with in any way – hence, no obstruction.

Democrats didn’t get the sound bites they wanted from Mueller’s testimony. Republicans did.

I noted above that Mueller was, from the Democrats’ point of view, the ideal front man for an investigation of the president.

But it wasn’t Democrats who picked him. It was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and President Trump.

Mueller’s testimony Wednesday deepened confusion over what the three discussed the day before Mueller was appointed Special Counsel.

RodSneaky, a young soldier who chose his nom de cyber because of his admiration for Rosenstein, thinks Mueller was offered a choice: risk prison for involvement in crimes committed during the Obama administration… or become the Judas Goat of all Judas Goats.

RodSneaky’s theory answers the two burning questions:

If Mueller was leading them down the primrose path, Democrats might think having him testify was a good idea.

If it were the price of a Get Out of Jail Free pass, Mueller might deliberately trash his own reputation.

There are other plausible answers. Maybe Mueller’s mind is gone, Democrats are stupendously stupid, Trump is unbelievably lucky.

Or maybe Democrats are screwed more royally than they can possibly imagine.


Jack Kelly is a former Marine and Green Beret, and was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force during the Reagan Administration.  Until his retirement in January 2017, he was the national security writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.