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Dr. Jack Wheeler


horatioOnce upon a time in days of long ago when kids in school were actually educated, they all knew the story of Horatio at the Bridge.

Winston Churchill committed all 600 lines of Macaulay’s famous poem about it to memory as a young boy, a story of epic heroism that inspired him all his life.

Horatio, or Publius Horatius, was a soldier in the fledgling Roman Army in 508 BC when the small weak city-state rebelled against rule by the Etruscans. His nickname was “Cocles,” meaning one-eyed as he had lost an eye in a previous battle. A huge Etruscan army attacked, slaughtering the Roman army, the remnants of which fled across the narrow Pons Sublicius bridge over the Tiber River and through the gates to the city.

As the Etruscans stormed over the bridge to sack and destroy Rome, one man stood in their way and defied them. Horatio yelled back at his fellow Romans to cut down the bridge behind him while he fought and killed the Etruscans before him.

Then out spake brave Horatius, The Captain of the gate: “To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late. And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds For the ashes of his fathers And the temples of his gods,

“Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul, With all the speed ye may; I, with two more to help me, Will hold the foe in play. In yon strait path a thousand May well be stopped by three: Now who will stand on either hand, And keep the bridge with me?”

Do you hear America’s Horatio calling out to you?



A Reichstag Moment?

A Reichstag Moment?

Maybe it is as it all seems.  A “white Nazi” named James Alex Fields Jr. plows his car with murderous intent into peaceful black protestors, killing one and injuring a score of others, and the demonization of whites becomes fully justified in America.

A perfect moment for the Hate Trump Dems and the Left.  But maybe too perfect. Taylor Lorenz is a well-known journalist now with The Hill newspaper in DC (the “hill” is Capitol Hill, it’s certainly not right-wing).  She was right there when Fields crashed his car.  She then went to the police station where Fields was being held.  She tweeted:

lorenz-tweet-081417The incredible violence of baseball bat wielding Antifas is ignored by the Lying Swine.  This incident is being lied about in order to demonize all whites and President Trump.  It is a true Reichstag moment.



horatioOnce upon a time in days of long ago when kids in school were actually educated, they all knew the story of  Horatio at the Bridge.

Winston Churchill committed all 600 lines of Macaulay’s famous poem about it to memory as a young boy, a story of epic heroism that inspired him all his life.

Horatio, or Publius Horatius, was a soldier in the fledgling Roman Army in 508 BC when the small weak city-state rebelled against rule by the Etruscans.  His nickname was “Cocles,” meaning one-eyed as he had lost an eye in a previous battle.  A huge Etruscan army attacked, slaughtering the Roman army, the remnants of which fled across the narrow Pons Sublicius bridge over the Tiber River and through the gates to the city.

As the Etruscans stormed over the bridge to sack and destroy Rome, one man stood in their way and defied them.  Horatio yelled back at his fellow Romans to cut down the bridge behind him while he fought and killed the Etruscans before him.

Then out spake brave Horatius, The Captain of the gate: “To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late. And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds For the ashes of his fathers And the temples of his gods,

“Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul, With all the speed ye may; I, with two more to help me, Will hold the foe in play. In yon strait path a thousand May well be stopped by three: Now who will stand on either hand, And keep the bridge with me?”

Do you hear America’s Horatio calling out to you?



goolagNo need for any suspense on who is the HFR Hero of the Week:  James Damore, author of Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber that TTP ran in full on Tuesday (8/08).

It is a masterpiece of highly-educated reasoned thought, of calm scientific analysis of Google’s counterproductive “diversity” policies.  Damore was arguing for genuine diversity of thought, talent, and skills among Google’s workforce, and gave evidence that Google’s policies suppressed it.

Instantly, it was denounced by Google’s SJWs (social justice warriors) as an “Anti-Diversity Memo” when it was exactly the opposite, and got Damore quickly fired by the quivering wimp who’s the Goolag’s CEO – who doesn’t have the brains to grasp his action proved Damore’s every word.

The damage done to Google, financially and reputationally is monumental.  Google has been exposed as Orwellian fascist.  There is so much more – like what Robert Mueller is really doing, and how the Alt-Right is Alinskyizing the Left.  Here we go…



r-blumenthal-tweetRichie Blumenthal is everything Donald Trump despises. 

Even though he’s a Harvard grad with a JD from Yale Law, he’s never had a real job, never run a business, worked in government all his life, married an heiress who gave him a net worth of $70 million, lied about serving in Vietnam to get elected to the Senate (and later admitted it), and is now one of the biggest Alt-Left Hate America Cultural Marxist Jerktard Senators in Congress.

On Monday (8/07), his recent Twitter fight with the President resulted in the tweet above.

“No one is above the law” is factually and historically not true – but it should be.  Democrat Senator Blumenthal is absolutely right that no one, no matter how powerful or important, should be above the law – that if they are criminals they should be prosecuted, and if found guilty should be imprisoned.  Right, Senator?  You’re nodding your head in agreement, yes?

Good, we agree.  That means, then, that you further agree that Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes, John Brennan, and Barack Hussein Obama himself, are not above the law, right?

That means Robert Mueller is not above the law, right?  That if he is clearly and overtly breaking the Special Prosecutor law under which he is acting, then he must resign or be prosecuted, yes?

Why are you stuttering, Senator?  Why is your head suddenly paralyzed so you can’t nod in agreement?  Are you having some kind of seizure?



Is Steve Miller the HFR Hero of the Week or what?  That’s the way you handle the Lying Swine.  And Tucker, whom I’ve known since he was a very young boy, performs the coup de grace: “They are buffoons, the drunk guys with bad breath at the party who won’t stop talking.”

The RAISE Act – S.354 – is fabulous.  Here are President Trump’s remarks with Sens. Cotton and Perdue on Wednesday (8/02).  This is Absolute MAGA.  Or as the Daily Mail headlined it (8/02):

Trump unveils plan to HALVE legal immigration, give preference to highly-skilled English speakers and STOP extended families getting green cards

No more chain migration.  You have skills, speak English, can support yourself – welcome to the USA.  You want to come here to get on welfare – fugetaboutit!

Of course, the Lying Swine Alt-Left Cultural Marxist Fake News Media hates it – after all, it’s pro-American worker, and blocks millions of no-skill low IQ immigrants to flood the US, collect welfare and vote Democrat.  You watched above how Steve Miller wiped the floor with CNN’s Jim Acosta.  Now watch him do the same with New York Times’ Glenn Thrush…

That’s just the start.  We have a lot of ground to cover.  Here we go…



Drudge Report screen shot July 31, 2017It is no accident, Comrades, that Drudge juxtaposed these particular headlines yesterday (7/31), together with a 10 year-old photo of Bela Pelosi celebrating becoming Speaker back in January 2007.

Pelosi ‘believes she will be Speaker again’ — ‘can smell good midterm election’ is the report Drudge linked to.  Right.  Just the day before on Sunday (7/30), the Fox News story was  Pelosi says "unimportant" for Democrats to win the midterm elections in 2018.

What this 77 year-old corrupt hag smells is the impending death of her party. 

The Lying Swine Alt-Left Cultural Marxist Fake News Media wants us to focus on sideshow antics in the White House, and ignore the massive perfect storm of scandals about to pitchpole the Dems.  As in:

As you may recall, there were no survivors on the Andrea Gail, the true story of which The Perfect Storm  movie was based.  Keep that video clip in mind when you think of the Democrat Party from now on.



Sign at Trump Rally in Youngstown Ohio on Tuesday July 25

Sign at Trump Rally in Youngstown Ohio on Tuesday July 25

Might as well confess, I am in a state of overwhelm regarding events of this week.  By the time you’re finished reading this HFR, you will be too.  Good grief, to quote Charlie Brown. 

Might as well start with the most fully demented headline of the week – for which there is a lot of competition.  The alt-left Cultural Marxists at Business Insider actually believe this:  Transgender Military Service Is A Winning Issue Against Trump (7/26).

Against?  Yep, that’s the bubble of pathological delusion lefties live in to protect their snowflake psyches from reality.  It’s hard to imagine a more winning issue for Trump than his Tran Ban. 

That’s just a hint of what’s to come.  You’ll be stunned by what the HFR Hero of the Week said in testimony to Congress yesterday.  Here’s the full OMG quote from his testimony yesterday – it’s very important for you to read this carefully.

Yet there’s so much more that’s critical for you to know and understand.  Here we go.



hillary-framed-trumpOK, it’s the National Enquirer, smirked at by people who pretend they are real journalists working for the Fake New Media.  This cover story appeared Wednesday afternoon (7/19).

Yet it got the immediate attention of the London Daily Mail, which ran a huge story that same evening (7/19): 

National Enquirer releases 'exhaustive investigation' into 'evil Hillary Clinton' claiming she framed the Trump family over Russia and the Don Jr. meeting was a setup.

TTP, however, beat them to the punch Wednesday morning with Paul Roderick Gregory’s Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?

The bad news is that the Democrats’ coup attempt to overthrow the presidency – an act of unvarnished treason in the eyes of many – is proceeding apace.  Their first major scalp was Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself from any DOJ investigation of the Collusion Hoax on March 2nd.

So what’s to be done about Mueller?  A lot, and here it is….   Welcome to an amazing HFR  Ready to learn what the real consequences will be if the Traitor Left succeeds in its coup attempt against Trump?  Here we go…

(NOTE: If you think you have not been getting the usual email alerts in your mailbox for sometime now, even though you are subscribed, please feel free to email us at and we will re-add you to our mailing list. Thank You! - Admin)



gobi1There are few places on earth that evoke more mystery and adventure than the Gobi Desert.  We’re going to explore it in October.

What you see above is the Hanging Monastery of Datong.  It’s been suspended on a vertical cliff  for 1,500 years, where over 100 Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist monks live and worship today.

In the Gobi, there’s an oasis with the strangest forest on earth, an ocean of giant dunes sprinkled with cobalt blue lakes that many consider the world’s most beautiful desert, mountains candy-striped like rainbows, lost ghost cities, medieval walled cities where people live as they have for centuries, and the greatest treasure trove of ancient Buddhist art on the planet.

Then there’s Crescent Moon Lake.gobi12Let me show all this to you…



ttp-membership-chartWe at TTP are so gratified over the tremendous response we got to our survey.  So many of you took the time to take it, and to respond with substantive comments.  Thank you all!

I thought I’d share with you what we learned – and quote the best comments. 

We asked, How long have you been a TTPer? An amazing 77.4% of you have been with us more than three years, 17.4% since the very beginning of TTP in 2003!  We have to be doing something right to keep so many of you that long. 

We strive to give you “insights and viewpoints not available elsewhere” – and 83% of you agree.  You’re interested in history, geopolitics, and a worldwide perspective, not simply the US.  And you trust us.  That means a lot.

These days, the number of news sites you can trust is shrinking rapidly.  The entire “Mainstream Media” in print, television, and the web has become “American Pravda” – a disinformation machine producing nothing but Democrat Agitprop

To The Point’s goal has always been to be an Oasis for Rational Conservatives.  For conservatives to have such an oasis of sanity from all the insanity we’re deluged with 24/7 is more important than ever.  We’re so grateful TTPers see this.



trump-jr-innocentWe’ve gone from the sublime last week to the ridiculous this.  Might as well start with the most fun you can have in a minute and a half.  Put up on YouTube ereyesterday (7/12). 

Fun aside, most of us wish this could happen for real to the scumbags of Fake News – that the headquarters of the New York Times and Time-Warner-CNN in New York and the WaPo in DC could look like Mosul does today with what it took to defeat ISIS:

mosul-today-after-isisFantasy aside, the Twitter hashtag #CNNisISIS is very popular.  As is #CNNBlackmail.  Hardly anyone tells pollsters they trust the media anymore.  It’s comforting to see the entire Fake News propaganda machine of NYT-WaPo-CNN-ABC-NBC-CBS-TIME lose more credibility by the day.

Nonetheless, we should be clearly aware they are calling their plays from Hitler’s playbook.  Before our eyes we see how Germans became Nazis in the 30s, as we see left-leaning Americans become a Nazi Left with Whites as the New Jews.

We see how the Fake News Media is following Hitler’s instructions in Mein Kampf  (vol. 1, ch. 10) on how to employ the Big Lie:



dont-judge-meThe Fake News Media’s reaction to President Trump’s magnificent speech in Warsaw last week (7/06) is a true teachable moment.

Honest commentators saw Trump’s expression of pride in and defense of Western Judeo-Christian Civilization on a par with the best speeches of Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill.

Such sublime presidential eloquence has rarely if ever been matched.  Any actual American would applaud and cheer.  But not the AINOs (Americans In Name Only) that infest the Fake News Media.  They of course were outraged.  Possibly because they realized Trump was including them among our adversaries.

Let’s first ignore, however, black racist affirmative action journalists like the WaPo’s Jonathan Capeheart who specialize in guilt-mongering whites.  He laughably wrote “Trump’s White Nationalist Dog Whistles in Warsaw” (7/06).

He heard the “loudest of dog whistles” when Trump said We write symphonies.  “What on Earth does that have to do with anything?” he asks. 

The guy is so stupid that he doesn’t know that the people Trump was speaking to take enormous pride in that one of the greatest composers in human history – Frederic Chopin – was Polish.  So much so the Warsaw Chopin International Airport is named after him.

Let’s focus instead on folks like The Atlantic’s Peter Beinart, who wrote “The Racial and Religious Paranoia of Trump's Warsaw Speech” (7/06).  There’s only one solution to his problem.  Well, there’s one other which we’ll get to later.



do-nothing-congressYesterday (7/10) at the White House Press Briefing, President Trump’s Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short stated:

“The Senate is conducting the slowest confirmation process in American history.  For the past six months, Senator Schumer has deliberately run an unprecedented campaign of obstruction against the President’s nominees for high-ranking positions in the government.” 

This is absolutely true.  Yet all Marc did was to complain – he offered no solutions whatever to a very real and serious problem except to ask Schumer to “stop” – with no threat of specific consequences if he didn’t.  Schumer’s response will be a smirk and a shrug.

This is no way to run a country.  We all know the source of the problem in Congress – the UniParty of Dems and Rinos that wants to maintain the status quo, keep the Deep State, and do nothing that might jeopardize lobbyists’ donations to them. 

Trump is a threat to all this, which is why the UniParty is in collusion against him.

What’s obviously needed is for the White House to replace whiny complaints with specific measures the President will take to force a do-nothing Congress into confirming his nominees and enacting his agenda.  Here’s what he can do.



freedoms-birthday[This was originally in To The Point for July 4, 2004. This is the version for 2017.  We at To The Point wish all of you an exceedingly happy Fourth of July.]

July 4th is Freedom's Birthday. My suggestion is, amidst the fireworks and barbeques and flag-waving fun – all of which are great – that you take the time to feel good about America. Take the time to read the Declaration of Independence aloud with your family.

There is so much to love about our country, so much to feel good about. Despite all the residual indecency from the Nightmare of Obama that can drive you crazy, there is so much decency and moral goodness in America that it just takes your breath away.

America is the most moral and humanitarian nation ever to exist – because of the founding principles of our country that we celebrate today.

No other nation or society in human history was founded on the moral right to individual freedom than America – that you, me, and all of us have the moral right to our own personal life, our own personal liberty, and to pursue our own personal happiness.

And more, much more.  That the only – only – moral purpose of government is to protect and enable the exercise of these sacred rights of its citizens.  Any other rationale for government guns and power over its citizens is immoral and illegitimate.

Thus what we celebrate today is the essence of our existence as Americans.  That essence lies in our Declaration of Independence.



Tsarevets Castle – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Tsarevets Castle – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

For some time now, you’ve been seeing our “Non-Existent Countries” in the left side bar with the picture of St. George riding a huge horse bursting out of the Caucasus Mountains.

Last week, however, our visa applications to visit two of them – Abkhazia and South Ossetia – were denied.  We figured out the reason:  Putin may be preparing another military invasion of Georgia from Russia’s occupied territory of South Ossetia.

He doesn’t want any foreigners, especially US ones, in the way.

The other two “countries that don’t exist” – Transnistria and Srpska – are fine.  US passport holders don’t even need visas to go to either. Our itinerary to both remains unchanged.

So we’re making lemonade, going to places even cooler than where we were going.

Ever hear of the Painted Monasteries in the Carpathian Mountains? 

Voronet built in 1488

Voronet built in 1488

Judgment Day fresco – Eastern Europe’s Sistine Chapel

Judgment Day fresco – Eastern Europe’s Sistine Chapel

Ever wanted to go to Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania?



Luli Basha          Edi Rama                                         Luli Basha                                                      Edi Rama

Tirana, Albania.  Let’s say you’re an Albanian.  You idolize America because Albania is the most pro-America country in the world.

You have a choice to vote for who will lead your country – a man whose hero is President Trump, or a man who despises him; a man who embraces America’s core values of individual liberty, honest work, and moral integrity, or a man who is corrupt to the core, who is deeply in bed with the drug-running mafias that control much of the economy, and whose hero and mentor is George Soros.

Look at the two pictures above.  Who would you vote for?

The election was on Sunday (6/25).   On Monday (6/26), the government here in Tirana announced that Edi Rama, the corrupt protégé of Soros, had won in a landslide, the voters humiliatingly rejecting Luli Basha, who embodies America’s values.

How could this be? 

Because George Soros’ people in the US State Department enabled Rama to buy the election. 



I assume you’ve seen this screen shot as most everyone on earth has by now, but it’s just too glorious not to lead off this Happy HFR with it.

What in the world were the Fake News Losers and the DemFascists thinking, pouring their hearts and hopes and 23 million dollars into some pencil-neck pajama boy against an actual grown woman?

pajama-boy-vs-womanKellyanne spoke for all of us when she gloated:

kellyanne-tweet-062017There is so much in this Happy HFR – have fun!



millenials2Millennials, born 1982-2004, are the same “Civic” generational type as the GIs who fought WWII.

Here’s a thought experiment.  In the 1930s when the GI Generation was the same age as Millennials are now (born 1900-1924), we had the Great Depression blamed on capitalism, rampant sympathy for the Soviet Union, and Marxist intelligentsia dominating cultural and political discourse.

In those circumstances, it would have been all too easy for American youth to rebel against any form of patriotism towards their country.  Suppose they had? 

Suppose their reaction to Pearl Harbor had been to ask, “Why do the Japanese hate us?  What have we done so wrong to deserve this?  Why should we die on some remote Pacific island that means nothing to us because we made the Japanese hate us?”

Instead, they rose to the challenge to become the most heroic generation American has ever had since the Revolutionary War – for both the Revolution and World War II was won by Civic soldiers.

Today, we are at such a turning point in the history of our country.  America faces an enemy just as evil and just as determined to destroy us as the Japanese of Tojo or the Nazis of Hitler.  Even more dangerous, in fact, for the enemy is not external on foreign shores, but is within and among us, inside the gates.  That enemy is the Nazi Left.

If President Trump could transform Generation Snowflake into a true patriotic pro-American genuinely Civic Generation, confident and optimistic about their future and that of their country – instead of fearfully needing safe spaces from reality – Trump could save America from the crisis it now faces.



Claviceps purpurea

Claviceps purpurea

Delaware’s Demtard Senator Chris Coons thought he was being clever yesterday (615) telling Fake News Scum Wolf Blitzer that “Trump is wrong, the Salem Witch Trials are the greatest ‘witch hunt’ in American history.”  

As usual with Demtards, he was being ignorant, stupid, and demagogic.   He was responding to Trump’s tweeting a few hours earlier:

trump-tweets-061617The term “witch hunt” is a metaphor used today for an attempt to create mass hysteria calling for the persecution of political opponents based on smears and lies with make-believe evidence.  That is precisely what Democrats and Fake News Scum are doing in their attempt to delegitimize Trump’s presidential election and the entire electorate that voted for him.

Coons says he has “family ancestors” from Boston so he knows all about the Salem Witch Trials from February 1692 to May 1693 that saw 19 “witches” executed by hanging.  He knows nothing.

This week’s HFR is loaded for bear. You are going to have a great time reading it.  Here we go…



tolerant-liberalThis is no hyperbole.  Calling someone a “Nazi” is, along with “Fascist” the most ignorantly over-used hyperbolic insult the Left can hurl at anyone they hate.

Like the insult “Racist,” the Left has divested these insults of meaning, as are schoolyards taunts, “You stink!” or yelling “Boo!” and hissing at a referee’s bad call at a football game.

To call someone a Nazi for real is serious business.  It’s accusing them of wanting to commit racial slaughter of fellow human beings on a massive scale.  It’s accusing them of advocating a politics of criminal insanity, of being irretrievably evil and criminally insane themselves.

Yet that is what the Left in America is becoming before our eyes in broad daylight.  You want to know how Germans, one of the most intelligent, accomplished, and cultured people on the planet became Nazis in the 1930s – look at what is happening to the Left, to the Democrat Party, to the Fake News Media right now.

The circumstances and proximate causes are different.  History does not repeat itself.  Here is what is happening now.



king-alfonso-viToledo, Spain.   As you drive up the hill upon which this ancient city sits, at the city’s entrance you are greeted by this statue.  It is of King Alfonso VI of León and Castile (1040-1109) holding his sword as the Christian cross symbolizing his liberating Toledo from Moslem rule.

What you are about to read is revelatory history.  It starts 2,500 years ago, involves the heroically epic struggle of Christians for their freedom from Islam – lasting centuries – and ends with a shocking banner on the City Hall of Madrid hanging there today.



I am in such a state of awe over this week that I’m left with only one question – where’s this guy’s wheelbarrow?

From his “Drive Them Out!” speech in Riyadh on Sunday (5/21) to the leaders of every Moslem country on the planet, to his being the first sitting US President in history to pray at the Western Wall and have Israel fall in love with him (5/22-23), to his scolding yesterday in Brussels (5/25) the leader of every NATO country right to their faces for expecting America to pay for their defense  – our president has a pair big enough for a wheelbarrow.

The contrast between this mensch and his schmuck predecessor could not be more stark.  We have at last a real man and a real American with no apologies for being either as President of the United States.  His predecessor was the opposite of both.

Nonetheless, while Trump was making America great again to the world’s leaders, the “breakout star” of the presidential excursion was Melania.  This is the week that the world fell in love with Melania Trump.

This week could be seeing the unraveling of the entire Fake News agenda.  As their Russia-Trump Collusion Myth evaporates with no evidence whatever to support it, real Obama and Clinton crimes are now appearing.  And n addition to all this, in the last few days we’ve finally seen the Seth Rich murder scandal gain traction.

Every libtard, DemFascist, Fake News pundit, and Capitol Hill RINO is in a total frenzy of fear and rage over the Monday (5/22) release of Trump’s fabulous FY2018 budget that cuts $1.7 trillion in entitlements.  There’s other fun news too.  Here we go…



drive-them-outLet’s make this clear at the outset.  President Trump’s speech in Riyadh on Sunday (5/21) – from which the above is a quote – is one of the greatest speeches of any world leader in our lifetimes.

See for yourself – the full video and text are appended below.  I could not possibly encourage you more to watch and read it attentively.  But first, consider the context.

His audience was not simply Saudi royals starting with King Salman, but the leaders of every Moslem-majority country in the world, 54 in all. And in this place to this audience, he was the absolute antithesis of an apologetic appeaser like Obama. 

Trump spoke to them politely and graciously, with every diplomatic courtesy and nicety that protocol calls for.  But he spoke to them as a man, stand up and straight from the shoulder, not some metrosexual favor-currying pansy like Zero. 

He spoke to them as The President of the United States and proud of it – but without a hint of bullying or threat.  He spoke to them with complete respect for himself and his country – and with respect for them as well without any hint of gratuitous condescension. 

This is a speech of pure presidential genius that only Ronald Reagan could have matched.  And yet, although it was delivered in a Moslem country to an audience of Moslem leaders, I took it personally – that Trump’s speech had a message for me as an American, a message for all those who love America.



time-cover-may-18The current cover of TIME Magazine, issued yesterday, May 18, is the Lying Swine media’s ultimate descent into Fake News Lunacy.

It brings to mind the old question of whether a witch doctor actually believes in the delusions he’s dispensing to his primitive devotees, or is he aware of his being a voodoo con man?

If the former, then the witch doctors at TIME, the Slimes, WaPo, ABC-CBS-CNN-NBC-AP are becoming literally and clinically deranged with psychotic hate for the President of the United States.

If the latter, then they should be regarded with disgust as AINOs – Americans In Name Only – who either just don’t care about the incalculable damage their delusions will cause to their country, or maliciously want to cause the damage.

Whichever of these options is the case, you and I and all patriots have only one option.  Although Jack Kelly this morning (5/19) and I yesterday (5/18) stated it, that option was made most brilliantly clear by Newt Gingrich last evening…

It’s a full HFR this week, with in-depth analysis of what’s really going on, a quartet of fun good news, and a HFR Hero of the Week that may be a real surprise the recipient.  Buckle your seat belts, we’re off…



trump-tweet-051717This is not only Trump’s truest tweet, it is the most profound “truth to power” statement of modern times.  So when will President Trump start treating the FNM as America’s enemy for real?

From the day of his electoral victory over Hillary Clinton last November, the FNM has waged flat-out relentless war upon him.  Since last week, their war has escalated into flat-out mental derangement.

On Sunday (5/14), Carl Bernstein declared it was “appropriate” to question Trump’s mental stability and fitness for being president.

No, Carl, what’s appropriate is for Americans to question the media’s mental stability and fitness for being journalists.

Let’s cut to the chase.  The bloodlust derangement of the Fake News Media and their traitorous Deep State sources is going to get worse until it is stopped with a sledgehammer.

The only way Trump can win the Fake News War waged against him is to go on the offense.  That should include:



If you enter “Democrat hypocrisy Comey” into the YouTube search box, you’ll get dozens of compilations like this.  If you Google those same three words, you’ll get over 800,000 hits.

I hope you’re having as much fun as the HFR is watching Democrats and their Fake News Media echo chamber in total purple-faced apoplexy over Trump firing Mr. “You’re stuck with me for the next six years” Comey.

Truth is not only stranger than fiction, it’s also funnier – utterly hilarious.  So let’s all enjoy the Dumbocrat meltdown – and then ask, just what is causing it.  There are at least three causes…

Trump’s courage and leadership seems to be providing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with some backbone… The White House made two good Drain the Swamp moves this week… Speaking of Draining the Swamp -- it’s almost impossible to say how stupidly corrupt this Fake News from the Right is… The Global bad news:  the world suddenly got worse this week.

And there’s the inspiring Heroes of the Week.  Here we go!



ossetian-st-georgeThis is the Ossetian St. George.  It’s attached to a cliff along the road from Vladikavkaz in North Ossetia to Tskhinvali in South Ossetia.

Both straddle the Caucasus Mountains between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.  North Ossetia is a part of Russia -- but South Ossetia is a country that doesn’t exist.

There are, in fact, four such hidden countries in Europe – states with their own governments exercising sovereign control over the area within their borders, yet whose existence is ignored and unrecognized by the UN and almost every other country in the world.

In addition to South Ossetia, they are Abkhazia, Transnistria, and Srpska.  You read about the latter two last year:

Srpska in Tectonic Europe (May 2016), and Transnistria in Where The Soviet Union Still Exists (August 2016).

Each of the Countries That Don’t Exist are uniquely fascinating –  with their own history, culture, beauty, and charm.  All are mysterious and unknown to the outside world. 

The number of Americans who have ever heard of these countries is tiny – the number who have actually been to any one of them far tinier.  Almost no one, American or anyone else, has been to all four.  Would you like to come with me to all four at once?  You’ll be astounded by what you’ll see, experience and learn if you do.



Why are they smiling?

Why are they smiling?

Why are these people smiling?  The House Pubs surrounded the President and Vice-President yesterday afternoon (5/04) for a “Rose Garden Victory Lap” after the “Obamacare Is Dead” bill passed 217-213.

But to paraphrase Yogi Berra, Obamacare is not dead until it’s dead – and it sure isn’t dead yet.  As his House colleagues were in the Rose Garden yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz was saying, “Getting the health care bill out of the Senate is not going to be easy.”  He is wrong.  It will be impossible without a certain necessary condition.

Trouble is, the applies to the entire Trump agenda.  That said, there’s good news – like Trump’s cool EO’s, why the coolest guy in the Cabinet is T-Tex, that the Hero of the Week is a Moslem lady, that the Loser of the Week is Mrs. Zero, and how the London Daily Mail went ga-ga over Melania.

We also feature the Worst Trump Joke Ever – which you’ll tell to your every friend – and we close with the most famous scene from the most beloved movie ever made.  It makes you cry as it portrays a heroic patriotism of a country that may never have it again.



texas-chainsaw-massacreIncoming!  There’s been such a barrage of news lobbed into the HFR this week that we thought we’d have to duck for cover.  But it turns out that most of it is  good.  Not all, though.  Might as well get that over with first.  Which means you need to read a new book just out…

Meanwhile, on Monday (4/24) the Spectator offered a marvelous way to end Congress’ obstinacy on Obamacare Repeal:  terminate, by a stroke of Trump’s pen, Congress’ illegal exemption…

The actual prospect of criminal prosecution by the Justice Department is the way to end UniParty corruption and bring RINOs to their senses.  It’s also a way to do the same with corrupt Obama judges…

OK, let’s switch gears to the good stuff.    And it involves something unbelievably cool.  Here we go…



trump-pointingLate Monday afternoon (4/24), 60 or so conservative journalists and editors gathered in the Roosevelt Room of the White House for their own private press conference with President Trump.  I was not there as I was, and still am, in Eastern Europe.

Another fellow who was not there was a writer for The Hill, Jonathan Easley.  He interviewed a number of the attendees, many of whom whined and complained to Easley like spoiled brats.  So he reported (4/25):  Conservative Media Figures Disappointed with Trump Meeting.

One fellow who was there and not one of the complainers is Scott Johnson of Powerline.  Not only is Scott a solid clear-thinking liberty advocate, he’s also a true gentleman.  His account of the meeting (4/25):  At the White House with Trump.

Scott’s is well worth reading.  His conclusion at the meeting’s end:  Trump gave “an impressive performance” in both substance and demeanor.  He answered questions calmly and graciously, with “fluency and facility.”

What was not impressive was the lack of good questions from the President’s audience.  Here was a golden opportunity, and with exceptions like Roger Kimball’s on Iran and others, the questioners blew it.  Fully half, reported Scott, of the 30 minutes given them, was devoted to in-the-weeds questions on trade.

So here are a half-dozen Questions Never Asked but should have been.  Like you, I sure would like to know the answers.  Ps:  There’s a Bonus Question.



There’s a presidential prediction this morning we should hope comes true:

trump-tweet-042117No candidate was mentioned as everyone knows who he’s talking about – that Sunday (4/23), the French will swing big time for Marine Le Pen.

So ISIS has one of its agents, Karim Cheurfinom de guerre Yousef al-Belgiki, Joe the Belgian – gun down a policeman in cold blood with an AK right on the Champs Elysées 60 hours before the election. 

Looks like ISIS wants Marine Le Pen to win too.  Here’s why….

The New York Post is wrong when it opined yesterday (4/20) that If US Campuses Can’t Protect Free Speech They Need New Management.  What’s needed instead is….

We’ll see what the solution is to the fascist thugs infesting so many colleges, the good and the bad in Trump’s foreign policy, good domestic news, and a wonderfully inspirational Hero of the Week.  Here we go…..



kanchenjunga-massifWhat you’re looking at would cause any world-class mountaineer’s jaw to drop.  In the center is Kanchenjunga, the 3rd highest mountain on earth at 8,586 meters/28,169 feet.  But it’s much more than that.

The mountaineering ultimate is to climb an achttausender – a mountain over 8,000 meters high (26,247’).  There are 14 of them, all in the Himalayas and Karakorums of Nepal, Tibet, and Pakistan.  But what you are seeing is unique – for the entire ridge line of the Kanchenjunga Massif is over 27,000 feet, with four 8,000-meter summits in a row.

From right to left:  Kanchenjunga South, 8476/27,808; Kanchenjunga Central, 8482/27,828; Kanchenjunga Main; and Yalung Kang, 8505/27,903. 

What’s even more astounding is that no one has seen what you’re seeing before from this perspective – from a helicopter 23,000 feet high

Helicopters don’t fly remotely close to that height – except that our new specialized high-altitude Eurocopters can.  I took this picture last week on our third Himalaya Helicopter Expedition – and I’d like to dedicate it to Jack Kelly, who enabled me to take it by writing the HFR in my absence….

So – welcome to the Good Friday HFR! 

In that context, it’s only appropriate to begin with an observation of Jack Kelly’s in his HFR 03/31/17 that’s so classic it belongs in a future edition of Bartlett’s Quotations:

“CNN commentator Angela Rye compared Obama to Jesus. We could find out if we crucify Zero, wait three days, see what happens.”

FYI – Jack Kelly will be manning the HFR helm while I’m in Hidden Ireland in early June.  If you’ve always wanted to experience the Emerald Isle in a truly magical way, now’s your chance.  Hope you’ll join us…



The Rock of Cashel – County Tipperary

                The Rock of Cashel – County Tipperary

The St. Patrick’s Day HFR (3/17/17) asked if TTPers would be interested in an exploration of the coolest places in Ireland this summer.  The response was an overwhelming Yes!  So here we go.

The best time is early June when the weather is beautiful and before the tourist summer flood.  So our dates are Monday June 5 to Wednesday June 14.  That’s from arrival to/departure from Dublin.

You won’t believe how much – and what – we’ll see and experience in those 10 days.  I can only take 10 of you – actually just five couples – so if you want to be among them, email me at right now.

I’ll send you the full daily itinerary with a lot of pictures – trust me, it will blow you away.  If you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing the magic, the history, the beauty of Ireland, and getting to know the wonderful Irish people from all walks of life, now’s your opportunity.

To whet your appetite – yes, we go to the most famous pubs in Dublin, to Newgrange, the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, and Blarney Castle – but how about taking a small boat to the hideout of Luke Skywalker?

For he, as the latest “Star Wars” movie reveals, resides on the extraordinary island of Skellig Michael off the west coast.  It is a World Heritage Site as a nature sanctuary and as the earliest monastic complex of the first Irish Christians in the 600s.

island-of-skelligThere’s so much more.  To find out, again email me at  Carpe diem.  See you in Dublin.



Chasing a Fake American

Chasing a Fake American

Last week (4/06), the flagship of the Fake News Media, the New York Times, published a screed of fake history entitled, “Will Mexico Get Half of its Territory Back?”

The article is on a par with almost all of the NYT’s political commentary today, which is that of ludicrous dishonesty.  Compare it to the real history of Mexico provided in Cinco de Realidad (May 2013). 

You might also consult Mexican Nazis (May 2005) regarding the horrific racism of those who demand turning the Southwest US into a Mexican poverty pit.

How close advocating a racial civil war to break the United States apart comes to outright treason is a matter for debate.  What should be clear is what the purveyors of Hate America Fake News at the New York Times have become:

Fake Americans.

It goes without saying that the entire Fake American Moonbat Left is in screaming outrage against Trump’s Tomahawking the Syrian airbase that launched the sarin nerve gas attack on Idlib. 

So why would certain conservatives and Trump supporters join forces with the moonbats, and even go full-bore into Looney Tunes City like Michael Savage claiming it was a “false flag” operation?  Or Ann Coulter, who now has a crush on Bashar al-Assad?



Jan Sobieski, Savior of Christendom

Jan Sobieski, Savior of Christendom

The front page headlines around the world of this morning’s (3/23) news are all the same – about the “driver,” the “assailant,” the “lone wolf,” the “knife-man,” the “knife-wielding attacker,”  who murderously drove his car across Westminster Bridge killing and injuring dozens of pedestrians, and stabbed a policeman to death trying to enter Parliament in London.

There is story after story about the victims and the policeman, who are named with photos and their life stories.  There is one story that is missing.  Search in vain through the newspapers and websites of the British and US press, for you will not find one about the perpetrator – not who he is, not his life story, not even his name. 

Scotland Yard is, at this writing, refusing to identify him.  They only describe him as “Asian” – which is PC code in Europe for “Moslem,” and his attack as “an act of international terrorism.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May denounced the attack as “sick and depraved” – never even hinting at who or what is responsible for such sickness and depravity.

So who and what is?  The answer may surprise you.  For as much as you and I and every reader of British tabloids know that the “Asian knife-man” is a Moslem motivated by Islamofascist barbarism, that’s not who and what. 

To learn who and what is responsible for that Moslem terrorist’s sickness and depravity, all Theresa May and every native-born Brit have to do is look in the mirror.

Last week (3/17), we discussed “The Suicidal Racism of Western Civilization.”   Now we turn to the West’s – including America’s – suicidal masochism.



borus-harpWelcome to the St. Patrick’s Day HFR! 

We start our celebration with a depiction of Ireland’s Coat of Arms, on which is Ireland’s national symbol, Boru’s Harp, named for Ireland’s national hero Brian Boru (941-1016), which resides at Trinity College in Dublin and is on the label of every bottle of Guinness.

harp-guinnessTake some time today to read about Brian Boru in TTP’s nutshell history of Ireland, Beyond the Pale (August 2006).  It will give you a special appreciation of the heroism of the Irish people.

And take a moment to enjoy Ronald Reagan’s Favorite Irish Joke in the TTP Humor File today.

Oh, yes, many TTPers with Irish ancestry or wish they had have asked me if I would take them on a exploration of the coolest places in Ireland.  How about sometime this summer?  Let me know –

OK – time for a pint of Guinness as we delve into the week.  Here we go…



steve-king-tweetI lived in Hawaii once for three years.  Growing up in Southern California, I had never experienced racism before.  Thus it was shock to me to be hated for the color of my skin.  Really hated for being a haole (how-lee).   

That was in 1971.  Barack Obama was ten years old attending Punahou School in Honolulu, where he was born and raised.  Other than the 2½ years he spent in Indonesia, he lived his formative years (until he was 18 and left for college) within and a part of the Hawaiian culture of haole-hatred.

As did Derrick Kahala Watson – born in Honolulu, went to Kamehameha School for ethnic Hawaiians, graduated from Harvard Law School in the same class (1991) as his friend Barack Obama.  In 2012 he made local headlines: Native Hawaiian Selection Made for Federal Judge.

On Monday (3/14), Obama – who appointed his law school friend to that federal judgeship – was in Honolulu.  On Wednesday (3/15), that friend, Derrick Kahala, issued the most outrageously lawless, unconstitutional ruling in the history of the federal judiciary.  Did Obama ask Kahala to do this?  Ask the NSA guys who tape their calls.

In any regard, Kahala seized his opportunity to act on the haole-hatred he grew up with by targeting America’s Chief Haole with his ruling.  For as you’ve by now guessed, haole means someone with white skin.

Which brings us to Iowa Congressman Steve King and his now-infamous tweet (see above) on Saturday (3/11) that “prompted outrage” by libtards everywhere. 



hfr031017This just might be the most fun HFR ever.  There’s also a part that could be the scariest.  Might as well enjoy ourselves first.

Let’s start with the prediction in the Inaugural Day HFR of January 20:  “Melania looked unbelievably stunning.  She will now rapidly become the most glamorous and idolized woman on earth.”

This week we could see this becoming true, only far more so.  Yesterday, Fox News reported: “Melania Trump’s Approval Ratings on the Rise.”  They would be far larger except for the deranged Trump-hatred of Moonbat Democrats.

The poll was taken a week ago.  On Wednesday (3/08), the First Lady hosted a White House luncheon in celebration of International Women’s Day.  A quote of hers at the event has quickly gone viral across the planet:

“As an immigrant myself, having grown up in a communist society, I know all too well the value and importance of freedom and equal opportunity.  Ideas upon which this great nation was founded and has continued to strive towards throughout its history.” 

Her beauty and elegance are breathtaking.  Yet that is only on the surface.  There is something far deeper.  Look at this picture of her taken at the luncheon.  Look into her eyes.melania-trump

Her eyes reveal the beauty of her soul.  Her eyes proclaim a serene joyousness in being alive, in being human, in being a woman, in being who she is.  There are no doubts or fears or qualms in those eyes.  There is no anger – there is only love and happiness.

In those eyes you can see why First Lady Melania Trump will become genuinely beloved by the American people and by people all over the world.

Will her husband?  That may seem impossible now, given that Democrats and their Fake News minions really are as wacko as depicted above.  Yet that too began to change this week.

Here we go with the most fun, the most illuminating, and certainly the longest HFR ever. 



vault-7Does President Trump read the HFR – and did he read what it said last Friday (03/03)?

“Indicting and prosecuting to the full extent of the law with the possibility of years in prison is the only way to stop Deep State-Democrat-Fake News Media Treason.


This needs to start at the top.  And at the top is not Chuckie Schumer, the editors of the Washington Post, nor the CIA leakers known to the FBI.  At the top is Former President Barack Obama.”

For at 5:30am Saturday morning (03/04) he tweeted just what the HFR advocated the day before.  The response was hysterical.  After all, no one – no one – has the huevos to take on the entire Deep State-Democrat-Media Complex, right?  Exactly wrong – not with Donald J. Trump.  Big mistake.

For no one but Trump would have the chromium-vanadium steel cojones to take on the Deep State by going straight for its jugular, right for the throat of its emperor.  It’s like Alexander going straight for Darius at Gaugamela.