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Dr. Jack Wheeler


murder-of-kate-steinleEver hear the term “prison justice”?  It’s retribution – often lethal – meted out by prisoners in jail to those guilty of the most sickening crimes, such as child rapists and murderers of defenseless women.

Let’s hope that will be the fate of Jose Garcia Zarate.

As you know, he is the dirtbag illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle in cold blood, and was found not guilty last night (11/30) by a dirtbag San Francisco jury.  ICE says he will now be taken into custody for deportation back to Mexico – for the sixth time.  He needs to never make it out of that custody jail cell.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to effect prison justice on the entire city government of San Francisco – as Hannity declared last night, “It Was San Francisco’s Sanctuary City Policies that Killed Kate Steinle.”

Nor, sadly, on the Zarate’s dirtbag defense lawyer Matt Gonzalez, who had the idiotic hubris to warn the President, Vice-President, and Attorney General of the United States not to criticize the verdict, as “they are under investigation themselves.”

So is there any silver lining? Jack Kelly’s answer is Yes.  He just sent me his predictions of what will now happen.

We have to talk about Mike Flynn.  Special Swamp Rat Robert Mueller announced this morning Flynn will plead guilty to lying to the FBI.  Every Trump-Hater in the country is all a-flutter that Flynn will plea bargain in order to implicate Trump in crimes.  But as Flynn is a confessed liar to both the FBI and the Vice President, how’s he going to prove he isn’t lying now?

That said, designating Flynn to head the National Security Council was an impossibly bad decision by Trump.  He can’t say he wasn’t warned.  The week after his election, this is what the HFR of November 18, 2016 had to say.  We know it was circulated among his people in Trump Tower.

With all that over, we get to have fun with good news of the week.  Let’s go…



trump-thumbs-upNothing exemplifies Donald Trump’s political genius better than his campaign and now presidential slogan MAGA – Make America Great Again.

Just compare it to his opponent’s pathetically stupid and empty, I’m With Her.  A campaign about nothing but Her, focused entirely on Her, devoted completely and totally to the egomania of Her.

By contrast, Trump’s campaign was about America – the America that every normal voter knew used to be great until Obama opened the gates of the Left’s insane asylum creating a mayhem of cultural lunacy, the America that every normal voter wanted once more.

Trump’s question to the voters – “Do you want more lunacy with Her or do you want to make America great again instead?” turned out to be rhetorical.

But just what is it that made America great in the first place?  And whatever that is, why does it drive Lefties insane?




Day after Thanksgiving, might as well have some fun while we’re recuperating from last night’s caloric extravaganza.

We begin with the Snowflake Social Justice Buffoons at Reed College in Oregon – whose parents are stupid enough to pay $53,900 a year for them to be uneducated laughingstocks to the world.

On Tuesday (11/21), the NYPost revealed their descent to new low of Leftie Buffoonery by claiming Stave Martin’s famous 1978 SNL skit of King Tut is racist.  You don’t know which is funnier, Martin’s skit (video above), or the self-lampooning brainless twits at Reed.

That’s just the start of this fun Thanksgiving Weekend HFR.  Let’s go!



american-eagleAll my life, I have always thought it was the coolest thing on planet Earth to be an American.

I have been to something close to 300 countries and distinct political jurisdictions in the world, and whenever someone asks me, “Where are you from?” it is a special thrill to be able to answer, “America – I’m an American.”

Thanksgiving is the unique American holiday. We share Christmas and Easter with every other Christian nation. Most every country celebrates its Independence Day, and the birthdays of their founding heroes. Thanksgiving is ours, where we give our deepest thanks to Providence for the extraordinary gift of America to mankind.

Other countries have their special times to celebrate their uniqueness, when their citizens take pride in their country’s achievements, and all to the good. Thanksgiving is America’s Day, the time when all Americans – all – get to celebrate the achievements of the most successful society in history.

It is a tragedy that so many of our fellow citizens are mired in a quicksand of rage and bitterness towards their country and their President.  For them, this day is bittersweet, trying to enjoy a bountiful dinner with friends and family yet unable to feel a boundless joy in simply being an American.

Let’s answer why.



keep-calm-karmaBack in the HFR saddle again, and once more can’t thank Jack Kelly enough for his superb HFRs while I was in the Gobi and Himalayas.

We’re going to call this the Karma on Steroids HFR.

This is going to be so much fun you’ll be begging me to stop – like Trump warned about too much winning.  “Please, Jack, we can’t stand having so much fun,” you’ll say, and I’ll reply, “No, no, no, we’re going to keep having fun and more fun and more fun.  We’re going to Make America Fun Again!”

We gotta start with Senator Frankenstein.  A nicer, sweeter, more karmic thing couldn’t happen to the creepiest schmuck libtard in the Senate than this yesterday (11/16):  Journalist Leann Tweeden Accuses Sen. Al Franken of Fondling, Kissing Her Without Consent.

And it’s no “she said” accusation.  She gave the press a photo of Franken molesting her while asleep – Franken is caught double red-handed, pun intended.  The photo captioned SENATOR PERV was the huge Drudge headline.

Yet that is only the very start of all the karma this week – bad for the bad guys, good for the good guys.  Here we go…



firecrackersTo my fellow TTpers -

At last, after exploring Hidden Eastern Europe, the Mysteries of the Gobi, and Everest and Beyond – my 4th Himalaya Helicopter Expedition – I’m back home with Rebel. And already, people are asking me, “What’s next?”

Actually, Rebel and I can hardly wait for our New Year’s Celebration in Portugal.

Click on that link, and up will come a Pdf of an exploration and experience with dozens of photos that I guarantee will blow you away. The pictures above are the fireworks over Cascais Bay in front of our balcony party at the famous Miragem Hotel.

For here’s a question – how many New Year’s Eves have you had? They come and go, some better than others.

But how many New Year’s Eves have you had that were so extraordinary you’ll never forget them as long as you live? If you’re able to join Rebel and me on our New Year’s Celebration in Portugal, this will be one of them.

Yet it’s so much more – we get to explore one of Europe’s most beautiful and historical countries, with great food, wine, culture and wonderfully friendly people.And the safest, far from the “refugee” plague infesting Europe elsewhere.

Everything is taken care of, marvelous hotels, great meals, all activities – plus you’ll be with your fellow TTPers to spend time together and talk about the world. All the costs and details are in the link above.

We also can put you in touch with a travel agent I’ve used for 25 years who can get you a great deal on airfares.

Bottom line: Just as you don’t want to spend New Year’s in your pajamas watching TV, you don’t want to have one no more memorable than so many others. And you’re only going to have so many of them to come.

What’s more, this New Year’s is one we have so much to celebrate, to be grateful for, and look forward to. So if you want to make bringing in 2018 a very special experience of a lifetime, please consider being with Rebel and me at our New Year’s Celebration in Portugal.

After perusing the itinerary, info, and photos, if you have any questions, feel free to write to me at

Let’s have a Fabulously Happy New Year’s together!

- Jack



‘Let the jury consider their verdict,’ the King said, for about the twentieth time that day. ‘No, no!’ said the Queen. ‘Sentence first — verdict afterwards.’

‘Stuff and nonsense!’ said Alice loudly. ‘The idea of having the sentence first!’ ‘Hold your tongue!’ said the Queen, turning purple. ‘I won’t!’ said Alice.

‘Off with her head!’ the Queen shouted at the top of her voice. Nobody moved. ‘Who cares for you?’ said Alice, (she had grown to her full size by this time.) ‘You’re nothing but a pack of cards!’

--Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, Chapter XII

Right now is one of those moments when America morphs into Alice’s Wonderland, with the Lying Swine Fake News DemFascist Media manufacturing their latest cause célèbre for the purpose of lynching someone on the right – with all the Swamp Rat Rinos quivering in agreement: “Yes! Sentence first, verdict after! Off with his head!”

You’re not going to get a more gin-clear example of the cowardice of Capitol Hill Pubs than their reaction to the WaPo’s lynching of Roy Moore.

Not a single one of them, not even Ted Cruz or Mike Lee, has the huevos to point out the obvious maxim that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” – immensely more than some 40 year-old “she said” allegation – and that WaPo and the entire howling mob of the Left are “nothing but a pack of cards.”

Not a single one of them has made a call for fair play regarding the scurrilous accusations of four decades ago against a man with a lifetime record of Christian decency.

Yesterday (11/13), Swamp Rat Jeb Bush, without bothering to talk to Moore at all, demanded Moore quit his Senate race for the sake of “decency.”

Let me explain something to you, Jeb, you indecent schmuck.  Decency is to assume innocence when a good man faces filthy flimsy accusations, rather than a yellow-belly cave-in to WaPo smears.



Pokhara, Nepal. One year ago today – November 9, 2016 – I was here…

pokharaThis is Lake Tilicho, the highest lake in the world at 16,200 feet in the Annapurna range of the Himalayas.  It was here, at about 11am Nepal time, 12 midnight New York time, that I learned by satellite phone that Trump had carried Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Iowa.

I broke down and cried, realizing that America might be saved from the Curse of Hillary after all.

This is truly a Day to Celebrate, for me personally as November 9 is my birthday, for America as at 2:30am one year ago Hillary called Trump to concede thus making him the 45th President of the United States, and for the world as World Freedom Day – the day the Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989.

A year ago yesterday, November 8, 2016, America stood on the brink of absolute disaster.  The Left would be unleashed to complete its goal of destroying America’s culture, freedom, and economy, while the Clintons’ crime spree would remain totally hidden with their criminality continuing unabated.

Yet not only have we avoided that fate, our country is getting almost unimaginably better.  Here’s what we need to celebrate today.





New Year’s Fireworks at Miragem Resort Cascais Portugal

Here’s a question – how many New Year’s Eves have you had?  They come and go, some better than others.

But how many New Year’s Eves have you had that were so extraordinary you’ll never forget them as long as you live?

If you’re able to join Rebel and me on our To The Point New Year’s Celebration in Portugal, this will be one of them.

portugal-on-mapRebel and I want to show you why Portugal is our favorite country in Europe – Rebel loves it so much, and its endearing people, that she taught herself Portuguese!

In so much of the US, New Year’s is cold – but not in sunny Portugal.  It’s one of the many reasons Portugal is “California in Europe” – with thousands of years more history and culture.  It’s utterly captivating, and we’ll show you why.

Portugal is the authentic Europe, unknown and unspoiled. It’s legendary for its weather, wine, and food. And for the friendliness of its people.  It’s an exploration and it is also a celebration!

For we, as rational conservatives, have so very much to celebrate at the end of 2017.  It’s been a long long time since Americans have had this much to celebrate, so much to look forward in the coming year.

Rebel and I want to celebrate all this with our fellow TTPers in a way, in a place, that will be a life-memorable glorious experience for all of us.

I hope you’ll join us.  You’ll never forget it as we bring in the New Year of 2018. We all have much to be grateful for and to celebrate, so let’s do it together.

Here’s our schedule. Enjoy the pictures!  Jack



lampedusa Lampedusa, Italy.  This is a small (13 square miles), barren, treeless desert rockpile island that for mysterious reasons Italians flock to in summer, packing themselves in to a handful of tiny beaches so that the sun can turn their skin into wrinkled leather.

There are other people who come here in far greater numbers than sunbathing Italians.  While summer is long gone and the beaches mostly deserted, 845 of them arrived here in the last few days, over 140,000 so far this year.

Euroweenies call them “migrants” or “refugees.”  They are predators from Africa, most all of them young men come to prey on feckless Europe, to sponge and demand that bleeding-heart Euroweenies feed them, house them, and take care of them because… because… well, for no good reason whatever.

Most all of them are Moslems from northern or western Africa.  Lampedusa, you see, is the southernmost point of Italy, closer to Africa (70 miles) than to Malta (110 miles) or Sicily (130 miles).

What’s happened here is of blinding relevance to America, especially after the Halloween Moslem Terrorism in New York on Tuesday (10/31).



Candidate Trump March 15 2016

Tired of winning yet?  I didn’t think so.  Nonetheless, it is getting to be a bit overwhelming.  This been building all month, as Jack Kelly chronicled in his marvelous last three HFRs, to the crescendo of this week.

So much is going on that I can’t begin to sum it up.  Suffice it to say:

This indeed may be the week we look back upon as the moment when the Left, the Dems, the Lying Swine, and the GOP Rino Establishment realized they had lost their War on Trump – surrendering, capitulating, or just wandering off to spend more time with their families.  Read this entire HFR to savor and enjoy.



Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

October 12 is for celebrating the 525th anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of America, for on that day in 1492, the Great Admiral landed on Guanahani (now known as San Salvador or Watlings) island in the Bahamas.

We commemorate this as a true discovery in contrast to all the claims of Vikings, Chinese, Irish, and others who supposedly came earlier – for once and only after  Columbus discovered America, it stayed discovered.

Unfortunately, Columbus Day is for most Americans just an excuse for a three-day weekend – which is why it’s a holiday today, Monday October 9.

What it should be is a commemoration and celebration of  Western Civilization – which is why the Left hates Columbus and his holiday.

If it’s your misfortune to run into any of these folk bemoaning the nightmare and tragedy of our coming here, you might suggest to them that they abandon every vestige of the civilization they hate as so evil.



painted-monasteryThis is the Painted Monastery of Voronet.  You read about it in 9/11 and the Religion of Slavery, written last month commemorating the 16th anniversary of the most evil attack on America in our history.

I am on my way to China today for my Mysteries of the Gobi expedition.  While Jack Kelly mans the HFR ramparts, I thought I’d tell you what I just discovered about Voronet that is truly extraordinary.  You might consider being in a comfortable chair you can’t fall out of, with three fingers of your favorite adult beverage at the ready.  It is that mind-blowing, and will get your mind off the insanities of current Lying Swine headlines.

Built and painted in 1488, Voronet is an apotheosis of devotion to the story of Christianity.  It is little wonder it is known as “the Sistine Chapel of East Europe.”  The beauty of its devotion is overwhelming.

I was taking a lot of photos, and it was only when I got back home did I take a close look zooming in on them.  Then I zoomed in on a panel that made my jaw drop to the floor.  Believe it or not, I suddenly thought of the human shrunken head on display in my study.  Then Santa Claus.  Here’s why.




This has been a revelatory week.  Hours after the HFR was posted last Friday (9/22), the President denounced the “SOBs” who hate their country so much they won’t stand for our anthem while being paid absolute fortunes to play a game.

His specific words were not intemperately spontaneous, but chosen carefully to get exactly the reaction – from both his supporters and opponents – they got. We’re only just beginning to see, today one week later, just how yuge a win it is for him.  As in yuge.

Simultaneously, this alleged political neophyte gets his entire base of tens of millions to jump to their feet in roaring support for him, lances the boil of the Left’s ruinous politicalization of sports, and exposes for all to see just how much Democrats and their Fake News propagandists really do hate America.

Soak in this headline from USA Today on Tuesday (9/26):  NFL Commits Suicide by Trump with Politically Correct Protests.

Focus in on that expression: “Suicide by Trump.”  This is Sun Tzu-level genius, goading and manipulating your enemies to destroy themselves, at no harm to yourself while increasing and expanding support from those on your side.  That’s how Ronald Reagan got the Soviet Union to destroy itself.

The “Suicide by Trump” strategy has wide application as we’ll see…



time-shrunkThis is the cover of the current issue of TIME Magazine on newsstands this week.  The issue is date-forwarded to October 2.  The cover story is entitled, “Divided Democrats Debate Their Future as 2020 Looms.”

“Can anything save them?” is the plaintive question on the cover.  When I showed this to my wife, she instantly answered, “No – all they have is anger and hate.  Nothing can save them until they get rid of it.”

As usual, she nailed it.  The enemies of America – foreign and especially domestic – are in beaucoup deep kimchee.  Welcome to the winningest HFR in quite a while.

Now there are two kinds of winning.  First is when your enemies are taking it in the shorts.  Second is when you’re getting cool stuff accomplished.  We have both kinds this week.  The first is more fun as it’s schadenfreude in spades.

So here we go – you’re going to love this… but be warned, it’ll make you cry at the end (no fair peeking…)



providential-presidentRemember the day for it may go down in history – September 19, 2017 – the day the leaders of the world learned America has a Providential President.

No one ever has talked to them like that – ever, not even Ronaldus Magnus.  Trump’s speech to the UN was Reaganesque on steroids.  The most entertaining moment came when he condemned “the socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.”

Watch Trump’s expression in the clip below after he delivers this line:

“The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.”  
The leaders had just applauded his call for “the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in Venezuela.”  But when they heard that, they were stunned into silence or nervous laughter.  As he waits through their shock, his smirk tells you he knew exactly what he was doing.

He was fully aware that the majority of people he was talking to were corrupt socialist despots – this is the UN General Assembly after all – who justify their rule with the same socialist bromides of being “for the people” as does Maduro.

So he stood there through their shock, daring them not to applaud – which they then reluctantly did.  Then he drove it home:



mount-everestIs seeing Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain at 29,032 feet, on your bucket list?  Funny thing is, trekkers who spend two weeks huffing and puffing up steep Himalayan trails to Everest Base Camp never see the mountain, except its point at the top as it’s always blocked by other mountains in the way.

Above is a view of Everest no one gets to see – the entire “Western Cwm” above the Khumbu Icefall, with the full Southwest Face of Everest on the left and straight ahead its sister peak of Lhotse, the world’s 4th highest mountain at 27,940 feet.

No one, that is, except for those who’ve been with me on my three Himalaya Helicopter Expeditions.  Now I’m leading my fourth and last this November.  This is beyond any doubt the single greatest one-week adventure it’s possible to have on earth right now.

For in going to Everest and Lhotse we’re just getting started.  We go to all eight of the highest, most magnificent mountains in the Himalayas.  We visit remote Sherpa villages, and a hidden Tibetan kingdom forbidden to get to until recently – it’s the last remaining true traditional Tibetan culture in the world.

The High Lama of the Kingdom of Lo

The High Lama of the Kingdom of Lo



Candidate Trump’s “No Amnesty” pledge August 31, 2016

It’s 6am and I’m back in the HFR saddle.  I’m very grateful for Rod Martin and Jack Kelly so ably standing in while I was gone – thanks, guys!

I always look forward to early Friday mornings, ready to roll with the HFR.  Yet it’s called the Half-Full Report to avoid being Pollyannic – and let’s face it, Pollyanna is in the Intensive Care ward this week hoping she won’t be on life support soon.

This has been building for some time – a series of unforced errors accumulating towards disaster.  And now it has come to this: #AmnestyDon is the new hot Twitter hashtag; Leftists, Never-Trumpers Gloat over MAGA Voters’ DACA Dismay is the headline this morning, and people are burning their MAGA hats.

This is true tragedy, a self-inflicted one of Greek Mythology proportions.  President Trump has dug himself into a deep hole, and it’s not just his DACA dance with Chuck and Nancy.

Yes, that’s pretty glass-emptying.  Yet, actually, lots of cool stuff happened this week.  So let’s get to it.



Stefan The Great defeating the Ottoman Moslems January 10, 1475

Stefan The Great defeating the Ottoman Moslems January 10, 1475

Zagreb, Croatia.  I have just completed my expedition through Hidden Eastern Europe, primarily through much of the Balkans.  It has been a historical lesson of sobering immensity.

Today is the 16th anniversary of the most evil attack on America in our history.  More morally evil than Pearl Harbor, which was an act of war targeting US military personnel (of the 2403 deaths, 68 were civilians). 9/11, by contrast specifically targeted civilians on purpose.  2,977 innocent human beings were slaughtered by Moslem terrorists, of whom 2,508 were civilians.

The Wikipedia entry on 9/11 casualties states:  “The attacks of September 11, 2001, were the deadliest terrorist act in world history.”

If you click on that latter link, up will come a list of 173 of the worst terrorist attacks, starting with 9/11.  Scroll down the list and you’ll be overwhelmed at how many are attributed to “Islamic extremism” – 120 out of 173.

The Moslem Atrocity of 9/11 is a trauma America will never forget and never forgive its perpetrators.  What Americans should also never forget is its context.  Here in the Balkans is where you learn that context in spades.

We suffered one horrific attack of Islamic barbarism.  What would it be like to suffer an unending series of slaughters and enslavements for century after century, for four or five hundred years?



Destroying history – Antifa is America’s Taliban

Destroying history – Antifa is America’s Taliban

Have you ever had a time when you hated being right about something? You predicted something truly awful was going to happen, and sure enough it did? How did that make you feel? Happy that you were correct, or miserable as you wish you had been wrong?

For me, it’s the latter. For years I have been explaining how and why the Left – which has taken over the Democrat Party, the Fake News Alt-Left Media, Academia and much more – is Hate America Fascist fomenting the worst racial problem our country has: anti-white racism.

Recently, I began warning that the Left was becoming overtly Nazi, its anti-white racism metastasizing into Nazi genocidally murderous hate with Whites as the new Jews. Please consider re-reading The Nazi Left and the Source of Trump Hatred (June 9).

This has been the week when all that came nightmarishly true. And it is all horribly worse than I ever imagined. There is, though, hope and silver linings.

You won’t believe what POTUS’ tweet on Black Jack Pershing implies. It’ll set your mind on fire. There’s lots more. Here we go…



horatioOnce upon a time in days of long ago when kids in school were actually educated, they all knew the story of Horatio at the Bridge.

Winston Churchill committed all 600 lines of Macaulay’s famous poem about it to memory as a young boy, a story of epic heroism that inspired him all his life.

Horatio, or Publius Horatius, was a soldier in the fledgling Roman Army in 508 BC when the small weak city-state rebelled against rule by the Etruscans. His nickname was “Cocles,” meaning one-eyed as he had lost an eye in a previous battle. A huge Etruscan army attacked, slaughtering the Roman army, the remnants of which fled across the narrow Pons Sublicius bridge over the Tiber River and through the gates to the city.

As the Etruscans stormed over the bridge to sack and destroy Rome, one man stood in their way and defied them. Horatio yelled back at his fellow Romans to cut down the bridge behind him while he fought and killed the Etruscans before him.

Then out spake brave Horatius, The Captain of the gate: “To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late. And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds For the ashes of his fathers And the temples of his gods,

“Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul, With all the speed ye may; I, with two more to help me, Will hold the foe in play. In yon strait path a thousand May well be stopped by three: Now who will stand on either hand, And keep the bridge with me?”

Do you hear America’s Horatio calling out to you?



A Reichstag Moment?

A Reichstag Moment?

Maybe it is as it all seems.  A “white Nazi” named James Alex Fields Jr. plows his car with murderous intent into peaceful black protestors, killing one and injuring a score of others, and the demonization of whites becomes fully justified in America.

A perfect moment for the Hate Trump Dems and the Left.  But maybe too perfect. Taylor Lorenz is a well-known journalist now with The Hill newspaper in DC (the “hill” is Capitol Hill, it’s certainly not right-wing).  She was right there when Fields crashed his car.  She then went to the police station where Fields was being held.  She tweeted:

lorenz-tweet-081417The incredible violence of baseball bat wielding Antifas is ignored by the Lying Swine.  This incident is being lied about in order to demonize all whites and President Trump.  It is a true Reichstag moment.



horatioOnce upon a time in days of long ago when kids in school were actually educated, they all knew the story of  Horatio at the Bridge.

Winston Churchill committed all 600 lines of Macaulay’s famous poem about it to memory as a young boy, a story of epic heroism that inspired him all his life.

Horatio, or Publius Horatius, was a soldier in the fledgling Roman Army in 508 BC when the small weak city-state rebelled against rule by the Etruscans.  His nickname was “Cocles,” meaning one-eyed as he had lost an eye in a previous battle.  A huge Etruscan army attacked, slaughtering the Roman army, the remnants of which fled across the narrow Pons Sublicius bridge over the Tiber River and through the gates to the city.

As the Etruscans stormed over the bridge to sack and destroy Rome, one man stood in their way and defied them.  Horatio yelled back at his fellow Romans to cut down the bridge behind him while he fought and killed the Etruscans before him.

Then out spake brave Horatius, The Captain of the gate: “To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late. And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds For the ashes of his fathers And the temples of his gods,

“Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul, With all the speed ye may; I, with two more to help me, Will hold the foe in play. In yon strait path a thousand May well be stopped by three: Now who will stand on either hand, And keep the bridge with me?”

Do you hear America’s Horatio calling out to you?



goolagNo need for any suspense on who is the HFR Hero of the Week:  James Damore, author of Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber that TTP ran in full on Tuesday (8/08).

It is a masterpiece of highly-educated reasoned thought, of calm scientific analysis of Google’s counterproductive “diversity” policies.  Damore was arguing for genuine diversity of thought, talent, and skills among Google’s workforce, and gave evidence that Google’s policies suppressed it.

Instantly, it was denounced by Google’s SJWs (social justice warriors) as an “Anti-Diversity Memo” when it was exactly the opposite, and got Damore quickly fired by the quivering wimp who’s the Goolag’s CEO – who doesn’t have the brains to grasp his action proved Damore’s every word.

The damage done to Google, financially and reputationally is monumental.  Google has been exposed as Orwellian fascist.  There is so much more – like what Robert Mueller is really doing, and how the Alt-Right is Alinskyizing the Left.  Here we go…



r-blumenthal-tweetRichie Blumenthal is everything Donald Trump despises. 

Even though he’s a Harvard grad with a JD from Yale Law, he’s never had a real job, never run a business, worked in government all his life, married an heiress who gave him a net worth of $70 million, lied about serving in Vietnam to get elected to the Senate (and later admitted it), and is now one of the biggest Alt-Left Hate America Cultural Marxist Jerktard Senators in Congress.

On Monday (8/07), his recent Twitter fight with the President resulted in the tweet above.

“No one is above the law” is factually and historically not true – but it should be.  Democrat Senator Blumenthal is absolutely right that no one, no matter how powerful or important, should be above the law – that if they are criminals they should be prosecuted, and if found guilty should be imprisoned.  Right, Senator?  You’re nodding your head in agreement, yes?

Good, we agree.  That means, then, that you further agree that Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes, John Brennan, and Barack Hussein Obama himself, are not above the law, right?

That means Robert Mueller is not above the law, right?  That if he is clearly and overtly breaking the Special Prosecutor law under which he is acting, then he must resign or be prosecuted, yes?

Why are you stuttering, Senator?  Why is your head suddenly paralyzed so you can’t nod in agreement?  Are you having some kind of seizure?



Is Steve Miller the HFR Hero of the Week or what?  That’s the way you handle the Lying Swine.  And Tucker, whom I’ve known since he was a very young boy, performs the coup de grace: “They are buffoons, the drunk guys with bad breath at the party who won’t stop talking.”

The RAISE Act – S.354 – is fabulous.  Here are President Trump’s remarks with Sens. Cotton and Perdue on Wednesday (8/02).  This is Absolute MAGA.  Or as the Daily Mail headlined it (8/02):

Trump unveils plan to HALVE legal immigration, give preference to highly-skilled English speakers and STOP extended families getting green cards

No more chain migration.  You have skills, speak English, can support yourself – welcome to the USA.  You want to come here to get on welfare – fugetaboutit!

Of course, the Lying Swine Alt-Left Cultural Marxist Fake News Media hates it – after all, it’s pro-American worker, and blocks millions of no-skill low IQ immigrants to flood the US, collect welfare and vote Democrat.  You watched above how Steve Miller wiped the floor with CNN’s Jim Acosta.  Now watch him do the same with New York Times’ Glenn Thrush…

That’s just the start.  We have a lot of ground to cover.  Here we go…



Drudge Report screen shot July 31, 2017It is no accident, Comrades, that Drudge juxtaposed these particular headlines yesterday (7/31), together with a 10 year-old photo of Bela Pelosi celebrating becoming Speaker back in January 2007.

Pelosi ‘believes she will be Speaker again’ — ‘can smell good midterm election’ is the report Drudge linked to.  Right.  Just the day before on Sunday (7/30), the Fox News story was  Pelosi says "unimportant" for Democrats to win the midterm elections in 2018.

What this 77 year-old corrupt hag smells is the impending death of her party. 

The Lying Swine Alt-Left Cultural Marxist Fake News Media wants us to focus on sideshow antics in the White House, and ignore the massive perfect storm of scandals about to pitchpole the Dems.  As in:

As you may recall, there were no survivors on the Andrea Gail, the true story of which The Perfect Storm  movie was based.  Keep that video clip in mind when you think of the Democrat Party from now on.



Sign at Trump Rally in Youngstown Ohio on Tuesday July 25

Sign at Trump Rally in Youngstown Ohio on Tuesday July 25

Might as well confess, I am in a state of overwhelm regarding events of this week.  By the time you’re finished reading this HFR, you will be too.  Good grief, to quote Charlie Brown. 

Might as well start with the most fully demented headline of the week – for which there is a lot of competition.  The alt-left Cultural Marxists at Business Insider actually believe this:  Transgender Military Service Is A Winning Issue Against Trump (7/26).

Against?  Yep, that’s the bubble of pathological delusion lefties live in to protect their snowflake psyches from reality.  It’s hard to imagine a more winning issue for Trump than his Tran Ban. 

That’s just a hint of what’s to come.  You’ll be stunned by what the HFR Hero of the Week said in testimony to Congress yesterday.  Here’s the full OMG quote from his testimony yesterday – it’s very important for you to read this carefully.

Yet there’s so much more that’s critical for you to know and understand.  Here we go.



hillary-framed-trumpOK, it’s the National Enquirer, smirked at by people who pretend they are real journalists working for the Fake New Media.  This cover story appeared Wednesday afternoon (7/19).

Yet it got the immediate attention of the London Daily Mail, which ran a huge story that same evening (7/19): 

National Enquirer releases 'exhaustive investigation' into 'evil Hillary Clinton' claiming she framed the Trump family over Russia and the Don Jr. meeting was a setup.

TTP, however, beat them to the punch Wednesday morning with Paul Roderick Gregory’s Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?

The bad news is that the Democrats’ coup attempt to overthrow the presidency – an act of unvarnished treason in the eyes of many – is proceeding apace.  Their first major scalp was Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself from any DOJ investigation of the Collusion Hoax on March 2nd.

So what’s to be done about Mueller?  A lot, and here it is….   Welcome to an amazing HFR  Ready to learn what the real consequences will be if the Traitor Left succeeds in its coup attempt against Trump?  Here we go…

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gobi1There are few places on earth that evoke more mystery and adventure than the Gobi Desert.  We’re going to explore it in October.

What you see above is the Hanging Monastery of Datong.  It’s been suspended on a vertical cliff  for 1,500 years, where over 100 Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist monks live and worship today.

In the Gobi, there’s an oasis with the strangest forest on earth, an ocean of giant dunes sprinkled with cobalt blue lakes that many consider the world’s most beautiful desert, mountains candy-striped like rainbows, lost ghost cities, medieval walled cities where people live as they have for centuries, and the greatest treasure trove of ancient Buddhist art on the planet.

Then there’s Crescent Moon Lake.gobi12Let me show all this to you…



ttp-membership-chartWe at TTP are so gratified over the tremendous response we got to our survey.  So many of you took the time to take it, and to respond with substantive comments.  Thank you all!

I thought I’d share with you what we learned – and quote the best comments. 

We asked, How long have you been a TTPer? An amazing 77.4% of you have been with us more than three years, 17.4% since the very beginning of TTP in 2003!  We have to be doing something right to keep so many of you that long. 

We strive to give you “insights and viewpoints not available elsewhere” – and 83% of you agree.  You’re interested in history, geopolitics, and a worldwide perspective, not simply the US.  And you trust us.  That means a lot.

These days, the number of news sites you can trust is shrinking rapidly.  The entire “Mainstream Media” in print, television, and the web has become “American Pravda” – a disinformation machine producing nothing but Democrat Agitprop

To The Point’s goal has always been to be an Oasis for Rational Conservatives.  For conservatives to have such an oasis of sanity from all the insanity we’re deluged with 24/7 is more important than ever.  We’re so grateful TTPers see this.



trump-jr-innocent We’ve gone from the sublime last week to the ridiculous this.  Might as well start with the most fun you can have in a minute and a half.  Put up on YouTube ereyesterday (7/12).



Fun aside, most of us wish this could happen for real to the scumbags of Fake News – that the headquarters of the New York Times and Time-Warner-CNN in New York and the WaPo in DC could look like Mosul does today with what it took to defeat ISIS:

mosul-today-after-isis Fantasy aside, the Twitter hashtag #CNNisISIS is very popular.  As is #CNNBlackmail.  Hardly anyone tells pollsters they trust the media anymore.  It’s comforting to see the entire Fake News propaganda machine of NYT-WaPo-CNN-ABC-NBC-CBS-TIME lose more credibility by the day.

Nonetheless, we should be clearly aware they are calling their plays from Hitler’s playbook.  Before our eyes we see how Germans became Nazis in the 30s, as we see left-leaning Americans become a Nazi Left with Whites as the New Jews.

We see how the Fake News Media is following Hitler’s instructions in Mein Kampf  (vol. 1, ch. 10) on how to employ the Big Lie:



dont-judge-meThe Fake News Media’s reaction to President Trump’s magnificent speech in Warsaw last week (7/06) is a true teachable moment.

Honest commentators saw Trump’s expression of pride in and defense of Western Judeo-Christian Civilization on a par with the best speeches of Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill.

Such sublime presidential eloquence has rarely if ever been matched.  Any actual American would applaud and cheer.  But not the AINOs (Americans In Name Only) that infest the Fake News Media.  They of course were outraged.  Possibly because they realized Trump was including them among our adversaries.

Let’s first ignore, however, black racist affirmative action journalists like the WaPo’s Jonathan Capeheart who specialize in guilt-mongering whites.  He laughably wrote “Trump’s White Nationalist Dog Whistles in Warsaw” (7/06).

He heard the “loudest of dog whistles” when Trump said We write symphonies.  “What on Earth does that have to do with anything?” he asks. 

The guy is so stupid that he doesn’t know that the people Trump was speaking to take enormous pride in that one of the greatest composers in human history – Frederic Chopin – was Polish.  So much so the Warsaw Chopin International Airport is named after him.

Let’s focus instead on folks like The Atlantic’s Peter Beinart, who wrote “The Racial and Religious Paranoia of Trump's Warsaw Speech” (7/06).  There’s only one solution to his problem.  Well, there’s one other which we’ll get to later.



do-nothing-congressYesterday (7/10) at the White House Press Briefing, President Trump’s Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short stated:

“The Senate is conducting the slowest confirmation process in American history.  For the past six months, Senator Schumer has deliberately run an unprecedented campaign of obstruction against the President’s nominees for high-ranking positions in the government.” 

This is absolutely true.  Yet all Marc did was to complain – he offered no solutions whatever to a very real and serious problem except to ask Schumer to “stop” – with no threat of specific consequences if he didn’t.  Schumer’s response will be a smirk and a shrug.

This is no way to run a country.  We all know the source of the problem in Congress – the UniParty of Dems and Rinos that wants to maintain the status quo, keep the Deep State, and do nothing that might jeopardize lobbyists’ donations to them. 

Trump is a threat to all this, which is why the UniParty is in collusion against him.

What’s obviously needed is for the White House to replace whiny complaints with specific measures the President will take to force a do-nothing Congress into confirming his nominees and enacting his agenda.  Here’s what he can do.



freedoms-birthday[This was originally in To The Point for July 4, 2004. This is the version for 2017.  We at To The Point wish all of you an exceedingly happy Fourth of July.]

July 4th is Freedom's Birthday. My suggestion is, amidst the fireworks and barbeques and flag-waving fun – all of which are great – that you take the time to feel good about America. Take the time to read the Declaration of Independence aloud with your family.

There is so much to love about our country, so much to feel good about. Despite all the residual indecency from the Nightmare of Obama that can drive you crazy, there is so much decency and moral goodness in America that it just takes your breath away.

America is the most moral and humanitarian nation ever to exist – because of the founding principles of our country that we celebrate today.

No other nation or society in human history was founded on the moral right to individual freedom than America – that you, me, and all of us have the moral right to our own personal life, our own personal liberty, and to pursue our own personal happiness.

And more, much more.  That the only – only – moral purpose of government is to protect and enable the exercise of these sacred rights of its citizens.  Any other rationale for government guns and power over its citizens is immoral and illegitimate.

Thus what we celebrate today is the essence of our existence as Americans.  That essence lies in our Declaration of Independence.



Tsarevets Castle – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Tsarevets Castle – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

For some time now, you’ve been seeing our “Non-Existent Countries” in the left side bar with the picture of St. George riding a huge horse bursting out of the Caucasus Mountains.

Last week, however, our visa applications to visit two of them – Abkhazia and South Ossetia – were denied.  We figured out the reason:  Putin may be preparing another military invasion of Georgia from Russia’s occupied territory of South Ossetia.

He doesn’t want any foreigners, especially US ones, in the way.

The other two “countries that don’t exist” – Transnistria and Srpska – are fine.  US passport holders don’t even need visas to go to either. Our itinerary to both remains unchanged.

So we’re making lemonade, going to places even cooler than where we were going.

Ever hear of the Painted Monasteries in the Carpathian Mountains? 

Voronet built in 1488

Voronet built in 1488

Judgment Day fresco – Eastern Europe’s Sistine Chapel

Judgment Day fresco – Eastern Europe’s Sistine Chapel

Ever wanted to go to Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania?



Luli Basha          Edi Rama                                         Luli Basha                                                      Edi Rama

Tirana, Albania.  Let’s say you’re an Albanian.  You idolize America because Albania is the most pro-America country in the world.

You have a choice to vote for who will lead your country – a man whose hero is President Trump, or a man who despises him; a man who embraces America’s core values of individual liberty, honest work, and moral integrity, or a man who is corrupt to the core, who is deeply in bed with the drug-running mafias that control much of the economy, and whose hero and mentor is George Soros.

Look at the two pictures above.  Who would you vote for?

The election was on Sunday (6/25).   On Monday (6/26), the government here in Tirana announced that Edi Rama, the corrupt protégé of Soros, had won in a landslide, the voters humiliatingly rejecting Luli Basha, who embodies America’s values.

How could this be? 

Because George Soros’ people in the US State Department enabled Rama to buy the election. 



I assume you’ve seen this screen shot as most everyone on earth has by now, but it’s just too glorious not to lead off this Happy HFR with it.

What in the world were the Fake News Losers and the DemFascists thinking, pouring their hearts and hopes and 23 million dollars into some pencil-neck pajama boy against an actual grown woman?

pajama-boy-vs-womanKellyanne spoke for all of us when she gloated:

kellyanne-tweet-062017There is so much in this Happy HFR – have fun!



millenials2Millennials, born 1982-2004, are the same “Civic” generational type as the GIs who fought WWII.

Here’s a thought experiment.  In the 1930s when the GI Generation was the same age as Millennials are now (born 1900-1924), we had the Great Depression blamed on capitalism, rampant sympathy for the Soviet Union, and Marxist intelligentsia dominating cultural and political discourse.

In those circumstances, it would have been all too easy for American youth to rebel against any form of patriotism towards their country.  Suppose they had? 

Suppose their reaction to Pearl Harbor had been to ask, “Why do the Japanese hate us?  What have we done so wrong to deserve this?  Why should we die on some remote Pacific island that means nothing to us because we made the Japanese hate us?”

Instead, they rose to the challenge to become the most heroic generation American has ever had since the Revolutionary War – for both the Revolution and World War II was won by Civic soldiers.

Today, we are at such a turning point in the history of our country.  America faces an enemy just as evil and just as determined to destroy us as the Japanese of Tojo or the Nazis of Hitler.  Even more dangerous, in fact, for the enemy is not external on foreign shores, but is within and among us, inside the gates.  That enemy is the Nazi Left.

If President Trump could transform Generation Snowflake into a true patriotic pro-American genuinely Civic Generation, confident and optimistic about their future and that of their country – instead of fearfully needing safe spaces from reality – Trump could save America from the crisis it now faces.



Claviceps purpurea

Claviceps purpurea

Delaware’s Demtard Senator Chris Coons thought he was being clever yesterday (615) telling Fake News Scum Wolf Blitzer that “Trump is wrong, the Salem Witch Trials are the greatest ‘witch hunt’ in American history.”  

As usual with Demtards, he was being ignorant, stupid, and demagogic.   He was responding to Trump’s tweeting a few hours earlier:

trump-tweets-061617The term “witch hunt” is a metaphor used today for an attempt to create mass hysteria calling for the persecution of political opponents based on smears and lies with make-believe evidence.  That is precisely what Democrats and Fake News Scum are doing in their attempt to delegitimize Trump’s presidential election and the entire electorate that voted for him.

Coons says he has “family ancestors” from Boston so he knows all about the Salem Witch Trials from February 1692 to May 1693 that saw 19 “witches” executed by hanging.  He knows nothing.

This week’s HFR is loaded for bear. You are going to have a great time reading it.  Here we go…