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Jack Wheeler


Might as well start the day off right:


And with the story of the American at a bar in Mexico City.  After a couple of Dos Equis with the locals, he asks them, “Amigos, there’s something I don’t understand – I love Mexico, it’s beautiful, full of natural resources, people work hard, so why is Mexico so poor?”

One of the locals smirks and says, “Why that’s easy – it’s because you gringos stole half our land.”  The American takes a tug on his beer and says, “Really?”  The local responds, “Yes, and what’s worse – you gringos stole the half with all the paved roads!”

Today, Cinco de Mayo, is a phony tradition, a joke on los gringos, then exploited as a marketing gimmick by Mexican restaurant chains as an excuse for us to get wasted on Jose Cuervo. 

So at TTP, our tradition on May 5th is to explain la verdad, the truth, so you’ll understand why today should be called Cinco de Ridiculoso.

Which is, to begin with: Nobody in Mexico cares about May 5th.  Only we, us gringos, pretend to.  For if you ask just about any reveler at the nearest Pancho Villa’s Cantina or some such Mexican-themed bar anywhere in the US, just what is being celebrated on May 5th, you’ll get either a blank stare or "It’s their July 4th " ignorance.

So first the true history of Mexico.  You’ll learn more about Mexico’s history in ten minutes than you ever did in school or anywhere else.

Then the reality today — the horrific truth of how treasonous Dem fascists and their useful idiot Rino masochists are using Mexico to destroy their own country.



festival-of-happinessMay Day.  For thousands of years, Western cultures have had a Festival of Happiness at this time of year, a joyful celebration of the end of winter and the onset of summer.

When I was growing up, my sisters would always get up early the morning of every May 1st to scour our backyard and the neighborhood gathering flowers, which they would leave in a May Basket at our front door for Mom, our Queen of May.

Families for generations have done this all over America, towns for generations have had a May Day Festival of Happiness.  Why would anyone want to ruin this, turn a time of joy and flowers into a time of anger, hate, and rage?

The headlines of this morning (5/02) are abundant, such as:  May Day Carnage: Havoc across Europe as Protestors Clash with Police in Violent Scenes and May Day Protests Spark Riots, Arrests Across Country.

Why is it so hard – so impossible – for the Left to be happy?  Why are Lefties always filled with destructive anger?  And why do they pick the most innocent fun-filled-for-millennia day of the year to vent that bottomless rage? 

Answering the last question is the easiest:  It’s precisely because May Day is the most innocent fun-filled-for-millennia day of the year.

Well, it turns out there’s a specific cause for the Left’s pathologies – and a surprisingly simple antidote.



panmunjom-border Ereyesterday on Monday (4/17), Vice-President Mike Pence was here at the Panmunjom border between North and South Korea.  But this is a view the Silver Fox never saw.  For it is from the North Korean side.   I took this picture in 2010.

Many of you know I have been all over North Korea three times (twice more in 2012).  The article to read, for lots of photos and the real history as contrasted with the mythic of the most insane country on earth, is Pelosi in Pyongyang (September 2010, which I had to write under a pseudonym as I was under surveillance in Beijing).

There’s no more insane border on earth than what you’re looking at above.  The border runs through the middle of these three blue negotiation huts in the center of what’s known as the Joint Security Area.  You cannot believe how tense the atmosphere here is. 

But let’s take a close look at something that’s hilarious.  We’re going to focus on those two Nork soldiers guarding the entrance to the main negotiation hut in the center – and on what’s next to them.

Then we’re going to analyze in detail the actual threat of North Korea, and how to end it.



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health-freedomThe Hindenburg catastrophe last week of Paul Ryan’s effort to replace Obamacare is a marvelous opportunity for the House Freedom Caucus – the folks who submarined Ryancare – to offer actual Health Freedom as replacement for the Democrats’ Health Fascism.

It is critical to understand that Obamacare is fascist.  Exactly why is explained below.  Further, recall the House Pubs voted to repeal Obamacare 61 times – all without a bill of their own to radically improve healthcare for all Americans.  Then Ryan comes up with a mess that makes things worse.

Thus the Freedom Caucus can now offer real free market medicine – not phony-crony corporatist medicine where Big Government colludes with Big Medicine, Big Insurance, and Big Pharma to restrict competition. 

Such Health Freedom legislation would not only fully repeal Obamacare but include:

  • Open enrollment in medical schools.
  • Greatly reduce hospital administrative costs.
  • Eliminate state mandates and regulatory barriers on health insurance.
  • Give health care providers a tax credit for charity work.
  • Restore the 100% deductibility of health care expenses.
  • Reduce and provide an alternative to malpractice insurance costs.
  • Repeal the Kefauver Amendment (the efficacy requirement for FDA drug approval)
  • Allow truthful health claims for nutritional supplements.
  • Remove government restrictions on the importation of foreign drugs.
  • Allow the purchase of non-controlled medications without prescription.

TTPers are encouraged to send this essay to their congressman, senators, and local media.



ryancare“RINOcare.”  Aka Ryancare/Obamacare 2.0.  This entire debacle is ridiculous.  My question asked of many on Capitol Hill is:  Why is Trump being rolled on this?

The consensus answer is that McConnell and Ryan have conned him into believing that a full repeal cannot get past a Dem filibuster, that only a partial repeal can under “Senate rules” requiring it to qualify as a “reconciliation” bill needing only a simple majority.

Got that?  The key word in that sentence is “conned,” because it’s all nonsense.  A simple majority vote is all it takes to eliminate the filibuster.  There is nothing in the Constitution nor any law requiring 6o votes to pass a bill instead of 51 – it’s a tradition, nothing more.

Which is why Chuck U. Schumer is the Perverse Hero of the Week right now.  (For the real HOTW, see below at the end – but no fair peeking, dessert comes after the main course…)

Welcome to another enlightening, alarming, and in the end, joyful HFR….


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