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The war in the Middle East — for it is a regional war, not merely a battle for Iraq — cannot be analyzed at the level of the individual terrorist groups, because the terrorists are part of a larger context. The organizing center is, as Spanish Magistrate Balthazar Garzon publicly put it, a "directorate" located in Iran, that works closely with Iranian intelligence organizations, including the Revolutinary Guards. Those organizations, in turn, work with their counterparts in other friendly countries.



In driving around the country over the past year with my 12 year-old son Jackson to complete his Nifty Fifty quest (to experience and learn something memorable in each of all 50 states), I’ve noticed two things. First is the proliferation of cell phone towers that have sprouted everywhere - and second, how few of them are connected to Sprint.From the beaches of Oregon to the farmlands of Iowa, from the shores of Maine to the Gulf Coast of Alabama, from literally scores and scores of locations across the breadth and width of the US, my Sprint phone blinks “Searching For Service.”Leslie Chase tells me inside activity is positive and there are several buys out on Sprint stock. Maybe that’s in anticipation of Sprint being bought out and merged with a competitor. If a merger turns out to be a chimera, then I’d say Sprint is a short for sure. No matter how many ads with the guy in a black overcoat Sprint runs, they won’t make up for lousy and nonexistent service.



All indications are that the Swiftees’ offensive against Hanoi John is severely damaging the Kerry/Edwards candidacy. The television ads by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and the #1 bestseller on Amazon, Unfit For Command, have credibly assaulted the basis for Kerry’s campaign: that his self-proclaimed status as a “war hero” during 4 months in Vietnam qualify him to be President of the United States.However… in the famous words of Al Jolson: “You ain’t heard nothin’ yet.” The Swiftees have prepared an October Surprise for Hanoi John that is going to blow his candidacy out of the water. I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you the television and radio ads have already been taped, and they are going to have an impact like an elephant sitting on a donkey. The Swiftees have three things in abundance: money, brains, and balls. They know exactly how to go for the jugular, they have the dough to do it, and they are saving their best shot for last. The Democrats will not know what hit them and will not know how to retaliate. Get set folks. The Kerry Train Wreck is not going to be a pretty sight.



Almost all of you have heard of Bluetooth. It refers to devices that are either attached to or built into a computer, cell phone, PDA, and a slew of other devices that allow them to communicate with each other. Let’s look at Bluetooth step by step.



In the spring of 2000, I was the keynote speaker at a conference of business leaders from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela, held in Cartagena, Colombia. The fellows from Venezuela all had the same question: What can we do about Hugo Chavez?I told them they had to face reality. As an admirer and protégé of Fidel Castro, there is one way and one way only he will leave office: in a coffin. This was not what they wanted to hear...Democracy is not only the best guarantor of peace between countries, but the best guarantor of peace within a country as well. When people can choose their government with ballots they do not have to - nor have any moral right to - resort to bullets.Here’s the flip side: When people cannot choose their government with ballots, then they do have to resort to bullets - and they have a moral right to.Democracy is institutionalized peace. Dictatorship is institutionalized violence. So let’s state it clearly: A dictator has no right to life. By his violent and murderous suppression of freedom, the people so suppressed have the moral right to terminate his existence.



When John Kerry testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in April 1971, he admitted that he had probably broken the law by going to Paris and meeting with North Vietnamese and Viet Cong leaders. (From page 188 of the hearing record: "I realize that even my visits in Paris . . . in a sense are on the borderline of private individuals negotiating, et cetera. I understand these things." The prohibition against private individuals negotiating--which has been on the criminal statute books since John Adams was President--is contained in 18 U.S.C. Section 953 and is a felony.)I was serving my second tour of duty in Vietnam at the time, and while I was painfully aware of the lies Kerry was telling Congress and the American people about what was happening in Vietnam (pretending to speak for "all" Vietnam veterans, calling us "war criminals," saying 60-80 percent of us were "stoned" twenty-four hours a day, and the like), I was unaware until recently that he was also involved in exploiting the families of American POWs in Vietnam.



Here’s a story you won’t see the New York Times pulling out of their archives and emblazoning on their front page. But thanks to the Internet, you can send it to everyone you know.It is dated July 23, 1971 and is about John Kerry’s exploiting the families of American prisoners of war for political gain. As a wife of a POW says bitterly, John Kerry is constantly using the families’ grief and suffering for his own political ambitions.Kerry has made his Flashman four months in Vietnam as the centerpiece of his campaign, so he is fair game for Swift Boat Veteran ads condemning it. But what he did during the war after he returned from Vietnam is far more important and deserves far more scrutiny than what he did in Vietnam.Read this story and you will see why Kerry deserves the sobriquet, “Hanoi John.” A discussion of its implications is in TTP Guest Author Bob Turner’s The Real Manchurian Candidate?. Again, I encourage you to forward this on.



My friend and neighbor, well-known economist Richard Rahn, summarizes the Republicans’ greatest political weakness thus:

The Democrats are good at selling falsehoods, and the Republicans are lousy at selling the truth.
There couldn’t be a better example of this than the July BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) jobs report. The Dems and their Pogo Press propagandists bayed to the moon on how the payroll survey showing only 32,000 new jobs created for the month was “disastrous,” and “pathetically anemic.” In reality, it was the Bush campaign’s response to the liberal headlines proclaiming employment disaster that was pathetically anemic.



At a rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico this week, George Bush assured America: “I know what I’m doing” regarding winning the war against Moslem terrorists in Iraq and threatening our country. Although the Pogo Press is doing its best to prevent voters from figuring it out, GW is right. He is conducting a full court press right now, and rolling the terrorists up in a ball.Let’s start with Afghanistan. The Taliban is breaking apart. About one-third of the Taliban remnants still fighting in Afghanistan have broken away from Taliban leader Mohammed Omar, who has now lost control of a number of his senior commanders. The pressure of 18,000 American and NATO soldiers relentlessly hunting them down and killing them has precipitated the dissolution of the Taliban.Then there are all the contract guys across the border in Pakistan.



The call for a new intelligence overseer in the executive branch is downright silly. Any CEO of a distressed firm who retained failed managers and simply added new personnel and new organizational boxes would face open rebellion from his board and shareholders. Yet that is what the commission wants to do. Its recommendations finesse or exacerbate the real problems. Without doubt, our two greatest failures are political, not structural. The first is relentless congressional tinkering with the CIA and FBI, reaching outright caricature on the eve of 9/11 — when the FBI could not even clip newspaper articles about advocates of jihad in America, and the CIA needed special permission to contact foreign officials whose human rights violations wouldn't pass muster at the ACLU.