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Theinvader-alliese is a war on for hearts and minds of Americans, and it began long before the first rocks were thrown on Sunday (11/25) along the United States-Mexico border, and federal agents deployed tear gas in defense against aggressive foreign nationals attempting to force their way into our country.

But the media coverage of the border skirmish is more telling of the nature of this conflict than canisters of lachrymator.

The worst offender was perhaps the Associated Press. Making no mention of projectile attacks by foreign nationals directed at Americans, the AP quoted one Honduran to keep the narrative slanted favorably toward would-be illegal aliens. “We ran, but when you run the gas asphyxiates you more,” Ana Zuniga told the AP “while cradling her 3-year-old daughter Valery in her arms.”

What sort of mother would attempt to penetrate a heavily guarded border as part of a violent mob with a toddler in arm?



black-caucus-response-to-low-unemploymentIn the last decade, every single House Democrat sent to prison for financial crimes was a Congressional Black Caucus member.

In the last twenty years, it’s been over 80%. After the midterms, the CBC has grown past a record 50 members. But that doesn’t mean it’s getting better. Power makes it worse.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is the most famous freshman member of the CBC in the 116th Congress. The CBC’s PAC boasted that she is “the first Somali-American and first Muslim woman elected to Congress”.

She’s also the first member of Congress who had to deny being married to her brother.  Then there’s her rabid anti-Semitism, her trespassing arrest, opposition to an FGM law, the campaign finance fines.

Rep. Omar is already a train wreck before taking office, but that just means she fits right in at the CBC.



Thanksgiving TurkeyWelcome to the Thanksgiving HFR!  I hope you had a marvelous time last night, ate too much turkey and trimmings, drank too much wine or whiskey, expressed an overabundance of gratitude to Providence, and if there was some Libtard relative at the table determined to ruin things, everyone laughed at him.

As Mae West was fond of saying, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!”  And as Mark Twain observed, “Too much of something can be bad, but too much whiskey is just enough.”

There are too many blessings in my life to count that I’m grateful and thankful for, chief among them my wife and our two sons.  And right up there is our TTP community.  I so deeply appreciate all the kind comments TTPers sent me on the Forum, phone or email regarding The Lesson of Thanksgiving yesterday (11/22).  Thank you all.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover this week – some serious, some funny, some depraved, and a lot of winning, foreign and domestic.  Let’s go…



America’s First Thanksgiving – Plymouth Rock 1623

America’s First Thanksgiving – Plymouth Rock 1623

Today, Thursday November 22, is Thanksgiving in America.  A celebration of a bountiful Autumn harvest is an ancient tradition in many cultures.

The Romans celebrated Ieiunium Cereris, dedicated to Ceres, the goddess of agriculture.  The Chinese have been celebrating Zhōngqiū Jié (Mid-Autumn Festival) for millennia.  In Japan it’s Jugoya.  For the Hindus of India, it’s Sharad Purnima.  The Celts of the British Isles celebrated Lughnasadh which is the Harvest Thanksgiving in England and Canada today.

The origin of Thanksgiving in America is traditionally that of the Mayflower Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.  Yet the Kindergarten school plays all over the country this week, with five year-olds portraying the noble Indian, Squanto, teaching the helpless Pilgrims how to feed themselves, is not how it happened.

So here’s the real history of America’s First Thanksgiving, the extraordinary lesson to be learned from it, followed by a very personal lesson I have learned this year.



New York Gov. Cuomo and New York City Mayor De Blasio

New York Gov. Cuomo and New York City Mayor De Blasio

The malady known as Trump Derangement Syndrome is marked by a sudden explosion of crazy talk and sometimes actions coming from people formerly regarded as sane.

Think of the threats of impeachment before Trump was even inaugurated. Or the fantasies of unhinged celebrities such as Kathy Griffin, Robert De Niro and Madonna that the president or his family suffer violence and maybe death.

Yet now, two years into a Trump presidency, a new malady is emerging, one that reflects a less hostile view of him. It is an implicit recognition that the most unlikely commander-in-chief has not only survived, but is thriving in some ways.

I think of this new disease as Trump Imitation Syndrome because its sufferers are behaving in ways that are downright Trumpian.

New Yorkers — aren’t we lucky? — are getting a double-dose of it, courtesy of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio.



“This was an Obama judge, and I’ll tell you what, it’s not going to happen like this anymore.”

--President Trump, Nov. 20, 2018

Judge Jon S. Tigar is back in the news.

I wrote about him  nearly two years ago:

“A federal judge ruled recently that an inmate serving a life sentence for murder in California must receive sex-reassignment surgery at taxpayer expense.


The inmate was Rodney James Quine, 57, twice married and the father of two daughters. I write ‘was’ because while in prison he changed his name to Shiloh Heavenly Quine. Quine began living as a woman in 2008, when prison officials authorized hormone treatments at taxpayer expense. Quine then began pushing for a sex change operation, to be paid for by California taxpayers like everything else in prison.


Enter Barack Obama. In 2013 Obama appointed Jon Tigar to the federal bench. Tigar, who evidently shares Obama’s fascination with the world of the transgendered, assigned himself to Quine’s case and appointed a team of San Francisco lawyers and the Transgender Law Center to represent Quine.


The result of Tigar’s ruling in Quine’s favor is that the state of California must now provide sex reassignment surgery for prison inmates.



dem-party-then-and-nowOn November 6, it seemed the Republicans might hold their majority in the Senate and in the House.  Sadly, they lost their majority in the House. The mystery is why so many Democrat candidates who are so obviously ethically challenged won in races that should not have even been close.

How and why do Democrats continue to vote for unqualified, dishonest candidates?  Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Gillum, Krysten Sinema, Stacey Abrams, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – they and so many others are hard-left socialist-fascists whose goal in life is to control your life like a totalitarian monster.

They are a blight on the Constitution and the guaranteed freedoms of US citizens. Yet tens of millions of Democrats voted for them.  Why?



0-gets-uglyObama showed his true self in comments about President Donald John Trump on Monday (11/19).

It was not pleasant. Unable to articulate a reasoned argument using facts, Obama attacked the president in a manner that if it were the other way around would be deemed racist.

Maybe it is.  Anybody out there think Barry is an anti-white racist?

Obama said, “The reason we don't [invest in climate change policies] is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism — mommy issues.”

Mommy issues?



welcome-amazonWould you vote for a politician who promised to both increase traffic congestion and increase your taxes — and yes, I wrote “increase.”

For those of us who live in Northern Virginia that is precisely what happened last week, when our state and local government officials announced with considerable fanfare that they had bribed Amazon — with billions of taxpayer money — to build one of its new headquarters in Virginia.

With great pride, they also told us that they paid a much smaller bribe to Amazon per promised new job than did the New York governor and mayor. (Virginia Motto: “We are not as dumb as New Yorkers.”)

New York politicians — notably Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio — are even worse than the Virginians. They have not only paid more per promised job, but are giving Amazon benefits not available to existing businesses in New York. How is that for fairness?

No wonder New Yorkers are protesting vociferously.  How dumb is it to give bribes to businesses if they move into the state, which are financed by higher taxes on the workers and businesses that already live there?