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For weeks now, the FBI has carried out in the press a prosecution of individuals and organizations it has so far been unable or unwilling to pursue in court. Using innuendo and a steady stream of (often recycled) press leaks, the names and reputations of a number of people "including several who are senior officials in the United States government at the moment" have been sullied. There is no need to repeat their names here. Virtually all are people I have known and greatly admired for decades. It is bad enough their years of public service have been in any way diminished by those leaping to unfounded conclusions. Even more troubling is the transparent character of this witch hunt: With apparently one exception, all those named in one way or another in connection with this inquiry (for example, they have been briefed on the matter, they run large Pentagon bureaucracies in which an individual suspected of misconduct -- or, perhaps, espionage -- works, etc.) have something in common: They are Jews.


Stop Health Fascism: Where Is Phil Gramm When We Need Him?

In early 1994, Hillary Clinton was riding high. Her plan for government seizure of the entire health care system of America was being treated by the media as a fait accompli. The Republicans, led by Newt Gingrich in the House and Bob Dole in the Senate, had capitulated. HillaryCare was a done deal.Then one lone Senator stood up in the well of the United States Senate and announced that he was going to single-handedly pull the emergency brake on the runaway train. "This plan to nationalize health care," he announced, "will pass over my cold dead political body." By September, Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell bitterly pronounced HillaryCare legislatively dead due to "Republican obstructionism." But the obstruction wasn't Republican. It was one single Republican Senator. His name was Phil Gramm.



Rarely in the history of American politics has a bigot had as much power as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright enjoys today. Support for Sen. Barack Obama has plunged nationally and (more importantly) in North Carolina since Rev. Wright confirmed at his National Press Club appearance Monday (4/28) that he does indeed hold racist, lunatic, anti-American views, and implied that Sen. Obama has been insincere in separating himself from them.  "He had to distance himself, because he's a politician," Rev. Wright said. If you're running as the candidate of hope and change who will "bring us together," it is hard to imagine how things could get worse.  But they can. Jeremiah Wright could destroy his former protégé in a single interview.  Obama is at the mercy of a man who hates the country of which he wants to be president.



The United States of America needs you right now! The election is over, it was a dogfight, and my fangs were bared as much as any. If you were a Democrat, independent, a Kerry-supporting Republican, or a member of any other political group, and anything I said in any editorials hurt or offended you, I apologize. It is now time for us all to come together in unified resolve to support our commander-in-chief and our troops. Our fight is over, but the war is not. As a Vietnam veteran, I personally still have issues with John F. Kerry, which most-likely will never see resolution, but that right now is inconsequential. I respected and appreciated John Kerry's comments in his concession speech for an end to divisiveness. This election was a time for healing and great closure for most of us who walked those fields of fire in the steaming emerald-colored hell of Vietnam. After years of silent agony and an American public who hid us in the cellar as their bastard stepchildren, John Kerry, unwittingly or not, forced us to march upward into the sun-like-brightness of self-awareness, and ultimately, of our own self-worth.


The Betrayal of a Hero

In 1957, a 21 year-old kid named Otto Kuczynski showed up at Ellis Island in New York harbor with his teen-age wife, Hërta, an 8 month-old baby boy, and all the money he had in the world: $27.For centuries, Otto's family lived in the village of Beregomet in a fairly-tale region of primeval forests and ancient castles tucked into a corner of southeastern Europe known to the Romans as Dacia, and millennia later, to the Austrians as Galicia. When the Austro-Hungarian Empire was broken up after WWI, Galicia was made a part of Romania and called Northern Bucovina. The place became a nightmare war-zone during WWII, with Otto spending his pre-teen years trying not be killed by Nazis and Russians.



Sen. Barack Hussein Obama is hiding from a girl.  That's the Clinton spin on his decision to back out of a debate before the primaries in Indiana and North Carolina.  As a matter of political tactics, his decision is sound.  Sen. Obama is the front runner.  He's got nothing to gain from another debate.  And potentially much to lose -- though it's unlikely he'll ever again be as awful as he was in Philadelphia April 16.  He doesn't want to answer any more questions about his relationship with his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, or with former Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayres (and most in journalism don't want to ask them).  But his refusal to debate supports Sen. Clinton's insinuation he doesn't have what it takes to be president. It's something his hagiographers in the liberal media refuse to see.  Like the Wizard of Oz, they don't want you to peer behind the curtain, lest you be unimpressed by what you see.  The longer the contest goes on, the higher the curtain is raised.



My friend Gary Metz - known as “Doctor Zin” - has a critically important website called RegimeChangeIran . It’s one of To The Point’s “Liberation Links” listed in the home page left side bar. Gary and I share the view that the greatest threat in the world right now is Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. It is of the most immediate necessity that Iran’s nuclear facilities be militarily destroyed. In this article, Gary explains why. The Bush White House, however, will do absolutely nothing that might upset the Iraq elections of January 30. The earliest Bush could authorize a strike (or give the Israelis the green light) would be in February. Cross your fingers that he does. -JW Last month in RegimeChange Iran, I warned that Iran must shut down all of its uranium enrichment centrifuges, including the twenty "experimental" centrifuges. Why? Because Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has demanded:"We must have two bombs ready to go in January or you are not Moslems."


Blowing Up The Bombers

One of the most critical imperatives for Israel right now is to stop the suicide bombing.  One of  the best ways would be to blow up the bombs -- and preferably the bomber along with it --  prematurely.  The ideal would be to blow up the bomber so only he (or the occasional she) dies and no innocent Israelis.Here are two different versions of how to accomplish this.



If Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. read Karl Marx less and Arthur Brooks more, he might not be in such hot water. Barack's now-infamous comments in San Francisco reek of the watered down Marxism that passes for thought on college campuses these days.  "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the sentiment of a heartless world, and the soul of a soulless condition.  It is the opium of the people," Marx wrote in 1843. Barack and his apologists in the news media focused on his description of rural Pennsylvanians as "bitter" because that was the least offensive element of what he had said.  Most of those who were upset by his remarks were upset by his notion they "cling to" religion out of economic frustration.  Arthur Brooks could have told Barack the people he described as "bitter" likely are a good deal happier than most of his supporters are, or his wife seems to be.  Dr. Brooks, a professor of business & government policy at Syracuse University, demonstrates, through the wealth of statistics in his new book, Gross National Happiness, that conservatives are much happier than liberals.  It's urban liberals who are bitter, not small town folks.



As wars go, the conflict in Iraq was -- and is -- as good as it gets. A three week military campaign with minimal casualties, 25 million people liberated from one of the most sadistic tyrants of modern times, the establishment of a military and intelligence base in the heart of the terrorist world. What well-meaning person could oppose this? In addition, two thirds of the Al Qaeda leadership is gone, and there hasn’t been a terrorist attack in America in more than two and a half years, something no one would have predicted after 9/11. By any objective standard, the Bush war on terror is a triumph. These real world considerations are why the campaign waged by the Democratic Party and a Democratic press against the Bush war policy is based not on any analysis of the war itself, but on maliciously concocted claims about the prewar justification for military action. For purely political agendas, the Democrats hope to attempt to convict the Administration of “misleading the American public” and wasting American lives through deception and fraud, and thus to defeat the President at the polls in November. This is the campaign of the Big Lie.