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googleIt’s time for all of us to admit that Alphabet, Inc. is the 21st century equivalent of Ma Bell: it is an almost all-controlling monopoly that restricts consumer choice in order to maximize profit for the company.

We all know what Ronald Reagan did to AT&T. He broke up that monopoly so Americans could have real choices and the free market could actually work.

So it’s time for the Trump Administration to break up the Alphabet, Inc. monopoly. But unlike the Ma Bell monopoly, Alphabet, Inc.’s monopoly—which includes the search-engine behemoth Google—isn’t just about greater competition and more choices for the American people.

It’s about so much more: free political discourse and our privacy rights as citizens.



mueller-trumpAll of Washington is focused on the political peril President Trump faces from Robert Mueller's investigation. But the Mueller probe could very well turn out to be a disaster, not for Trump, but for the Democrats.

The special counsel was appointed to investigate whether Trump engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election. If Mueller finds incontrovertible evidence of a criminal conspiracy between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, then the president will be -- and should be -- removed from office.

But it is very likely that Mueller will not find evidence that Trump conspired with Russia – resulting in Mueller or federal prosecutors in New York's Southern District finding evidence for some other charge unrelated to a conspiracy with Russia -- such as Trump's hush-money payments to alleged former mistresses or crimes related to Trump's family business.

That would be a nightmare scenario for Democrats, for three reasons.



The Admiral Kuznetsov in the PD-50 floating dry dock in Murmansk in 2010

The Admiral Kuznetsov in the PD-50 floating dry dock in Murmansk in 2010

It's bad enough that Russia’s only aircraft carrier was damaged in a mishap involving the country’s largest floating repair dock -- the only one big enough to maintain the flagship of the Russian Navy.

What's worse is that the decades-old dock is now sitting on the bottom of Kola Bay, not far from the major Arctic Circle city of Murmansk.

But even that may not be the extent of the bad news.

The dock, even if it is raised to the surface, may be beyond repair, meaning Russia’s only aircraft carrier, several of its largest naval ships, and at least one ballistic-missile submarine may not be able to be serviced for months, if not years.

That’s a not-insignificant setback for Kremlin efforts to upgrade the country’s fleet, experts say, an effort that parallels a larger ongoing modernization of Russia's armed forces.  Indeed, Putin’s plans for Russia’s Navy are sinking.



putin-primitive-politiksMoscow’s dispatch of strategic bombers and heavy transport planes to Venezuela last week (12/10), and its subsequent obliging Washington to remove them only four days later (12/14), highlights both what has and has not changed in the in the “new cold war” between Russia and the United States.

Indeed, as Moscow-based military expert Aleksandr Golts argues, the appearance of two Russian Tu-160s in Latin America this week highlighted that the present-day hostility between Russia and the US could far more easily go “hot” than was the case in the “old” Cold War (Otkrytyye Media, 12/12).

That’s because, given the weakness of the Russian Federation today compared to the strength of the Soviet Union in the past, Russia’s nuclear stockpile remains the only resource Putin has that allows him to claim any kind of superpower status for his country.

This results in a foreign policy of “Putin Realpolitik” –  not the sophisticated kind reflected in the works of Henry Kissinger, where the major powers balance economic, political and security interests, but a primitive kind that’s dangerously delusional..



beauty-the-beast                                                         Beauty                                                          And The Beast

On Wednesday (12/19), while the First Lady was celebrating Christmas in the White House with her husband, looking every inch the most glamorous and elegant woman on earth, her predecessor wrapped herself in a yellow satin curtain she looted off the curtain rods in the East Wing, and her legs in “horrifyingly gauche $4000 Balenciaga thigh-high boots” to be on a book promotion event with a has-been actress.

Aren’t you glad we have our President and First Lady in the White House now instead of the embarrassment that preceded them? Here’s their Official White House Christmas photo.

Merry Christmas, America!

Merry Christmas, America!



Lesley Gore’s #1 pop hit for 1963, “It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To,” is the Fake News Media’s theme song this week since learning yesterday morning (12/13) that President Trump has canceled the White House Press Corps Christmas Party.

It’s Schadenfreudelicious, yes, but so much more.  Why is the Libtard Press so upset, calling POTUS The Grinch?  Would you go to the Christmas Party of someone you hate?  Would conservative reporters been upset if Obama disinvited them from his Christmas soirée, or would they say, “Thank heavens I don’t have to go to that schmuck’s party”?

No, Fake Newsers’ undies are in a twist because the man they hate won’t kowtow to them.  “How dare you not pay homage to us!” they rage.  “We get to insult, slander, and lie about you all we want, 24/7, and you have to wine and dine us because we do, to prove our importance, to certify we deserve our self-inflated egos!”

Sorry, you fascist pigs.  America has a Real Man as President who refuses to play your game.  It’s been a good week.  Here we go…



morocco-magic There is a magic in Morocco that few other countries on earth possess.  Athwart Africa’s northwest corner at the Strait of Gibraltar, its north coast is the Mediterranean, its west coast is the Atlantic, dotted with charming ports and beautiful beaches.

The size of Texas, it stretches from these seas to deep into the Sahara Desert, with the massive snow-capped Atlas Mountains in between.  This geographical diversity provides an astonishing array of scenic beauty.

map-of-moroccoYet it is the people and their culture that provide the real magic.  They are the Berbers, one the world’s most ancient peoples.  They call themselves Amazigh, the Unconquered People, the original inhabitants of Morocco and the entire Maghreb or North Coast of Africa all the way to Egypt.

Yes, the Berbers are older than the Egyptians.  How old?  Ever hear of the Lapps of Lapland in northern Scandinavia, reindeer herders who call themselves Saami?  The Berbers/Amazigh and the Lapps/Saami – living today one in the Sahara, the other in the Arctic – are directly related.

Both are descended from the same stock of Cro-Magnon Ice Age hunters that split in two 15,000 years ago – one moving far north, the other south crossing the Gibraltar Strait to Africa.  The Moroccan Berbers today are their descendants.  (See Appendix below.)

Wheeler Expeditions is going to experience the magic of Morocco and Berber culture in early April next year.  Perhaps you’d like to experience it with me.



spygateStunning Spygate revelations will drop before the end of the year, the rapidly accelerating amount of seemingly unrelated stuff being made public now inclines me to believe.

Here’s what I conclude from Jeff Carlson’s masterful exposé in the Epoch Times (11/28): Spygate: The True Story of Collusion. How America’s most powerful agencies were weaponized against President Donald Trump.

And from Dan Bongino’s bestseller:  Spygate, The Attempted Sabotage of Donald Trump  As well as my own sources..

So – this is what I think we’ll learn by year’s end:



flynn-doom-of-muellerLt. Gen. Michael Flynn is scheduled to be sentenced next Tuesday (12/18). He pled guilty Dec. 1, 2017 (the day after being formally charged) to one count of lying to the FBI about his telephone conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing recommendation is here. Flynn’s plea to Judge Emmet Sullivan is here. You should read both carefully.

Flynn’s sentencing has been postponed three times. It may well be yet again.  You can see why with this Fox News headline of early this morning (12/13):  Judge in Flynn case orders Mueller to turn over interview docs after bombshell claim of FBI pressure.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ordered Mueller to turn over the FBI documents by 3pm tomorrow (12/14).  Fox noted Judge Sullivan is putting “Mueller under the microscope,” which is another way of saying it’s Mueller who could be in beaucoup deep kimchee, not Flynn.

There are indications in his sentencing memo that Mueller already knows this.



bitter-investigationAs a White House Advisor to President Clinton during his entire impeachment proceedings, I’m experiencing 1998 déjà vu.

That’s as prosecutors once again work overtime to turn extramarital affairs and the efforts to keep them secret into impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors.

Except it’s worse.  Unable to get the witnesses to compose the stories they want, today’s prosecutors are discovering they can simply compose the crimes by manipulating the pleas of men desperate to protect their families. That never happened in 1998.

The Michael Cohen Sentencing Memo of November 30 took aim directly at both Cohen and President Donald Trump. It was used, unethically, to cast the president as directing a criminal conspiracy to make “secret and illegal” payments.  Then again, when has Mueller and his gang done something ethically?